We always hear about our neighboring countries and their languages ; I think we should take a look and give Dutch language more credit. Although, many people believe Dutch as an uncommon language, it has many interesting qualities. For example, Dutch is the easiest foreign language for native English speakers to learn. Many people say it is a secondary language that is hard to learn, but that is not the case. The Dutch language actually exist of 75 percent of borrowed words; many of which are French, English, and Hebrew. This is one of the many reasons why the language is so easy to learn.  I think if we take a closer look at the Dutch language, we will find some interesting points.

First of all, there are many countries that speak Dutch, but the main ones are the Netherlands, Belgium, and Indonesia. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. A majority of its population speaks Dutch.

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Belgium’s capital is Brussels; it may be a smaller country but with a high Dutch speaking rate. Indonesia’s capital is Jakarta. It is the major Dutch speaking area of Indonesia. The Netherlands and Belgium are located in Europe’s Continent; while Indonesia is in the continent of Asia. A majority of the worlds Dutch language is located in those continents. As there are many other countries that speak this language, these ones  have the majority of Dutch speakers.

The Netherlands, Belgium, and Indonesia are related through trade because of the Dutch language. The only thing these countries have in common is the language and trade otherwise they do not have anything else in common. The Dutch languages main export and import country is the Netherlands. The main countries that export goods to the Netherlands are Germany, Belgium, China, and the United Kingdom.  Dutches economy today still is driven by exports. The Netherlands is the second largest agricultural exporter and the world’s largest flower and bulb exporter. Their most recent exports are refined petroleum and computers. The Netherlands export 57% of the total Dutch exports.

They import to Germany, Belgium, China, United Kingdom, and France. The top imports are refined petroleum, crude petroleum, computers, and cars. The Netherlands import 51.7% of the total Dutch imports. Altogether, The Netherlands is the ninth largest export economy in the world.


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