We, the people
of  New
Vulcan Colony, proud of an impressive
history, wishing to establish a democratic state destined to ensure
justice, liberty, freedom, development, equality and security, honouring the
memory of our ancestors who have passed on to us their love, respect and wisdom
for the future generation, reviving the
sovereign statehood of Vulcan Colony.

This Constitution, defines
the basic system of the state. This constitution has supreme legal authority
and no action is valid which is against the constitution.

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The People, do now establish this sovereign nation and declare ourselves, to be
a democratic country.

Explanation of the Preamble

preamble begins with the words “We the people of New Vulcan Colony” thus
indicating that the constitution is adopted, enacted and given to themselves by
the people of Vulcans. The preamble states that the constitution derives its
authority from the Valcanions. It emphasis on sovereignty of the people.

also describes Valcan to be democratic. The term democratic is derived from Greek
words ‘demos’ which means people and ‘kratos’ which means ‘authority’. It thus
means government of the people, for the people, by the people.

constitution emphasis on some main objectives as:-


preamble of the constitution of the New Vulcan claims to secure its citizens
justice. Fair judgement will be given to those who has committed a crime or in
any way gone against the constitution. To achieve this ideal of justice, the
constitution lays down the direction.


preamble of constitution of the New Vulcan claims to secure liberty of thought, expression and
faith which are essential for the development of the individuals of colony.
Liberty signifies absence of external obstruction of motion. Liberty is power
of doing what is allowed by law.

is the most beautiful thing in possession of a man. Liberty is the right of doing
an act which the law permits. It is not an abstract or absolute freedom. The safeguards
of liberty lie in the good sense of the people and in the system of
representative and responsible government.


Justice can exist only
within the parameters of equality. Guaranteeing of certain rights to each
individual is meaningless unless there is no equality in the social structure. Rights
carry no meaning, if they cannot be enjoyed equally by all members of the
society. This constitution ensure that every citizen have equality of status
and opportunity.  



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