Waterfall Methodology is a systematicmethod. This methodology covers six phases which are planning, analysis,design, implementation, testing and maintenance.i-                    AnalysisThisphase is the first phase of the Waterfall Methodology Development. In thisphase the system requirements, constraints and goals are reviewed and planned.Research on the existing system used in JKR Kedah should also be referred toand reviewed. For example, SKALA system (SistemKawal Dan Lapor), Sistem Latihan, andJPEDIA system.

All of this system have their own function and benefits. ii-                  System DesignIn thisphase, the system design process will divide into hardware and softwarerequirements of the system by building a comprehensive system architecture. Abrief overview of the types of hardware and software required to be identified.This phase will provide several designs to develop this system.

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 iii-                 ImplementationIn thisimplementation phase, the software design is identified as a set of programs orunit programs. This phase is to identify either the system development meetusers needs or vice versa. It is also to identify the objectives of the projectto be achieved or not. Additionally, the interface development for the SchedarKorporat and e-Diary JKR Kedah needs to fulfill user requirements anduser-friendly. iv-                TestingThesystem programs will be combined and tested as a complete system to ensure thatthe software requirements have been met. System testing needs to be done sothat system problems can be identified, corrected and improved before thesystem is used by the user. After this test, the software system will be testedfor some users. Therefore, many problems or errors can be detected.

 v-                  MaintenanceIn thisphase, all system errors and weaknesses will be corrected. The system will becorrected from time to time to ensure that the system works properly based onuser requests. This methodology has produced tworecording system which is Schedar Korporat and e-Diary JKR Kedah.

The systemdevelopment has fulfilled user requirements based on the system functionalitythat needed.


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