Sleepy Hollow has been told as an American folk tale by many generations in families all across America.

Created by Washington Irvine the story surrounds the life of a teacher called Ichobod Crane. Like all the other youthful men in the village of Sleepy Hollow Ichobod Crane has only one objective- to gain the hand of Katrina Van-Tassel the richest unattached girl in the town. However, we soon relies that his intentions are not very pleasant as he is more interested in the fortune he might inherit if he becomes the lucky Mr. Van Tassel.However Ichobod Crane is punished by a childish prank by a rival lover known as Brom bones. Recently this particular story has become a motion picture. However, the director, Tim Burton (has also directed film like Edward scissor hands and batman) has made some particular changes to the story to make it more interesting and appealing for the viewers.

The genre of the movie is not very clear as the particular theme is centred around horror movie but at the same time a murder mystery. Tim Burton has used many factors, which have induced these types of genre.For example instead of being a teacher Ichobod Crane is a new yolk detective, who has been sent to Sleepy Hollow to solve the murder of the towns people however, Burton has also generated the idea of horror as the assassin sent to kill the towns folk is beyond the grave. Another difference between the Ichobod Cranes are, in the story he is described as an unattractive looking man ” he was a tall but exceedingly lank, with narrow shoulders, long arms and legs that dangled a mile out of his sleeves, feet that might have served as shovels, and his whole frame most loosely held together.His head was small and flat at top, with huge ears, large green glassy eyes and a long snipe nose” the description of Ichobod Crane in Irvine’s story is more like a caricature than hero however, Burton has used an attractive looking actor (Johnny Depp) to play the role of Ichobod Crane. Another difference between the two is that in Irvine’s story Ichobod Crane is a citizen of the town of Sleepy Hollow.However, in Burtons’ production he is an outsider sent on his own to solve the mystery who is not taken in kindly by the townspeople. Burton has also used the genre of romance between the two main stars of the movie, this might have been used to influence a female audience to come and see the movie In the movie Burton has used many different factors to make the movie scarier and to add a supernatural appeal to the movie.

In the first scene-Burton has used of digetic sounds to make it more lifelike however in some circumstances Burton has increased the sound of some objects to add suspense for example in the first scene the next victim of the horse man (Van Garret) is scene is scene sitting inside a carriage however we do not get to see what the horse men is up to but Burton informs the viewer of his presence by the swishing of the horseman’s sword. By doing this it suggests the idea of somebody dying soon.Other natural sounds, which are used to emphasize how the character responds, include panting and screaming however Burton also uses sounds to emphasize on the time period include: the movement of the carriage and the horse whinnying Burton also uses natural sounds to add tension. These include: thunder roaring in the background and the wind howling however Burton also uses non diegetic sounds like classical music.

I believe an organ is being used for a low pitch rhythm to add the sense of horrorThe first image used to start off the whole film is the dripping of red fluid, which seems to have the same consistency of blood, which denotes death; this leads back to the genre of murder mystery the use of this image prompts the audience into asking “what has happened? Who’s been killed? How/where/why have they been killed? ” as the scene progresses we soon realize that the red liquid is not blood but actually red wax being melted. By doing this the audiences expectations have been confounded. This is done because Burton is playing with the audience to establish uncertainty.


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