Washed and surrounded by the sea, light by the sun and cooled by its cold and warm breeze is how I define my Caribbean. As a result, being Caribbean for me is being able to encompass all that is found within the numerous islands that make up our archipelago.

For me it also means being able to distinguish myself and my fellow Caribbean counter parts from natives of other nations such as Europeans and Americans, through our tone of voice, colour of skin, form of dress type of hair and ways of expressing ourselves. As a result, the above mentioned information is what helps or guides each Caribbean native into defining his or her true Caribbean identity. For me that Caribbean identity which is definable is that which we’ve learned to quickly identify, as we all carry out one form or type of life style. Regardless of our religion, what country or different countries within the archipelago of the Caribbean we’re from, what different believes and practices we carry out, as hypothetically speaking “blood runs thicker than water”, and since in this case we’re all or all our islands are washed by the same waters and all share the same history, were true to uphold one identity as we are by definition one people.

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Yet, if one ever seeks to questions this, he or she should also question why it is that whenever a foreign individual from a continent or one of those first world countries such as the united states seeks to ask where one is from, the answer given is always if not most of the time the Caribbean instead of that specific island in the archipelago.┬áMoreover, by us understanding what it truly means to be Caribbean, through our day to day cultural living, and openness to that of our neighbours, as Caribbean people we would never fail to question our own Caribbean identity. Furthermore, by learning to do this, we as Caribbean people would automatically learn to comprehend if not understand the difference between being a citizen of our respective countries and being Caribbean. This we’d realize and come to understand because by understanding that being Caribbean is simply the expression with freedom and excitement of that unique Creole mixture which exists in each Caribbean individual, as well as the tight bond that the people of the Caribbean hold within themselves.


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