The Civil War in America was, in fact, inevitable. There were many disputes over the politics, economics, and culture of slavery both in the White House and in the Supreme Court. The South was very persistent about wanting to keep slavery and they even wanted it to spread in to the North. The North disagreed completely however and wanted it to just be completely abolished throughout all of America.

There were many factors that made the Civil War inevitable. The first of which was economic differences.The North and South’s economies were drastically different.

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The South relied heavily on a lot of slaves to run the large plantations that they owned. They need less slaves after the Cotton Gin was invented, however they wanted more because since it was said that the Cotton Gin would do the work of 10 slaves, the more slaves you had, the faster you could work, and therefore the more money you could get more quickly. The South had a more agricultural economy so they needed more people to do manual labor than the North.Another reason that the South felt that they needed slaves and couldn’t just simply employ workers because slaves were cheaper.

Even though they had to pay for the slaves’ food and their shelter, it was still less costly than paying a worker a certain salary. Lastly, the plantation owners had complete control over the slaves and could essentially scare them into doing work. This would not happen if they tried to scare a worker whom they paid.


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