Vito Di Bari is a Design
and Innovation Trends Speaker and Guru.


Vito Di Bari is very well known for
his participation at the Milan Candidate City Expo 2015 as an Innovation Designer. He has
also been a UNESCO’s Executive Director of the IMI and other might
know him from Universities in Milan: Politecnico di Milano and the Bocconi University.

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A scholar designer

is an Italian born in Bari. He was a good student who graduated with honours
from the University of Bari. He moved to Milan in 1978 in order to start his
career of professor of Design and Management of innovation at the Faculty of
Engineering at both the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Bocconi University.


also had the opportunity to teach and give conferences in various university of
the region of Milan for example the
Polytechnic University of Como and University of Sassari.


then gained responsibilities and became Director of the Masters in Marketing
and Communication at the Business School of Sole as well as the Master of
Marketing and Management of Communication taking place at the University of

A renown

In 1999, he was appointed by the
UNESCO as Executive Director IMI.

Five years later he was Scientific
Director of Innovation Laboratory LabNext in Milan and successively in
2006 before being named Innovation Designer candidate for the 2015 City Expo in


Following his work at LabNext, he wrote
in 2007 the Neofuturistic City Manifesto which
matched the time of the Universal Expo 201, a futuristic vision of arts,
architecture and urbanism.  

He enjoyed this period of his life to
expand his researches and design in the United States, more precisely his work
about design including urban solutions more precisely for the public sector.


Thanks to his education and experience as a lecturer in prestigious universities, Vito Di Bari is a regular speaker for corporate conferences on topics such as design and innovation.


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