Vision Statement Part 2The vision of our organization is to promote mindfulness.

We strive to educate the community on the importance of practising mindfulness through interactive practises. Insides motive is to assist the community, providing a wide range of support and education on improving life skills. Their aim is to cultivate awareness and compassion so we can better understand both the mind and the world around us.Creating compassion Improve health and happiness of the world Cultivating compassionEveryone can use a little more mindspaceServe personal transformation and spiritual awakeningSelf awareness, confidence, self regulation and resilience leading to lifelong success Lives according to mindful principlesDream of a future where we do less but achieve much more ******** exists to cultivate awareness and spiritually awaken the mind  Dream is to help people focus on the now, live in the momentProvide a rewarding work environment for employeesMission statement:Our mission is to promote well-being and develop a sense of belonging through interactive events and programs. We aim to facilitate the practise of mindfulness using a network of supportive mindfulness-based supervisors, educators and services.

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Inside will provide a safe space for our diverse community as well as a rewarding work environment for our employees. 1. Product service What product or service do you offer2. Quality What level of performance or product is desired3. Audience Who is your audience4. Geographic Scope How much of the city/region/country/world does the organization hope to influence5.

Repertory/Area of specialization Do you have a specific repertory or area of specialization6. EducationHow strong is your commitment to education?PROPOSALEducate everyone on mindfulnessBeing aware of surroundingsBetter lifeBe in the momentLearn life skillsHelp community Relaxing and safe place to explore learn new thingsOverall create a sense of wellbeing Multiple benefits to practising mindfulness GoalsYear 1Start up social media accounts. This includes an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to advertise the launch of our organization as well as keep the community updated on   our upcoming events.Establish a company website which will allow the community to access our information on another platform. Produce optional workshops and sessions for individuals to participate in classes they’re interested in and learn more about mindfulness on their own time. Offering a paid membership which will help expand the organization quickly as well as allowing members to  complimentary access to exhibits and talks of their choice. Design brochures to hand out to the public with information regarding our layout and events. Year 2Inviting guest speakers to honour the importance of mindfulness as well as engaging the community.

Expand by implementing new and improved programs, services and art exhibits. Develop interactive classes fit for those with disabilities.Hire new employees or assistants. Implement staff training programs and employee of the month system.Year 3Further our advertising by reaching out in the community, advertising on billboards, subways, bus terminals etc. Hire specialists to advance programs and assist with operations.

Create a gift shop within our organization to give the community access to mindfulness art pieces, books and souvenirs. Raising awareness in the community by offering school tours and field trips for those from kindergarten to secondary school.Offer employee benefits program such as insurance coverage and health assistance. Year 4Develop an accessible application for smartphone devices to allow the public to explore and be updated on important events. Becoming a member on the application will allow access to a wide range of mindfulness based activities. 2.

Implement mindfulness workshops in schools. Our staff will be trained to go into schools and run effective activities for those of all ages.  3. Hire well known Ted talk speakers as well as host yearly renowned performances and exhibitions.4. Develop better accounting information and recording. Year 5 Work towards expanding our organization in other countries to popularize our passion for mindfulness. Expand building into a bigger facility to meet the needs of our programs and quantity of visitors.

Completely financially stable, able to make donations within the community. Advertising workshopMore staff, trainersUpdated activities and interactive eventsHave classes you can go to Implement more diverse classesPossible create a foundation?Increased revenueWork on creating affordable prices for communitySurveys to see what people want (Peoples opinions on how we can improve)Live performances (different types, dances,)


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