Victoria Clements Professor GoellerEnglish 110124 January 2018                                                  The Titanic Watching a good movie is one of my favorite pastimes. After a long day of school or work there is on other sensations such as curling up on the couch and watching a great movie. Epic stories throughout our history our best portrayed through excellent movies. These movies take a great amount of determination and backbreaking work. Due to the immaculate features and historical relevance of Titanic, the movie will always be a fan favorite. There are many qualities that make movies what they are.

While Titanic may be a long movie, do to all the work that was put into the recreation, its worth the time spent on watching a movie that exceeds expectations.What qualities make up a great movie? A good movie for me would have to be when I can vividly imagine what is going to happen next. What also makes a movie enjoyable is when the viewers feel like the characters. There are a lot of specific qualities that are important in a movie to make it great. Quality acting is just one of the major must haves to a good movie.

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Quality acting brings and gives the movies life. The acting of the characters is going to effect the whole way you see the movie. When watching a movie the acting should be so good that it seems that they are in their everyday life. A powerful message also brings a movie together. It gives the movie a theme to work from, so that the movie isn’t all over the place. The most important quality to a good movie is that the viewers can see how passionate the cast is about the plot that they are taking part in. The Titanic is one of many great examples of what a movie should be.The Titanic is a good representation of what most people look for in a movie.

The viewers can vividly feel their pain, happiness, and agony as they watch the plot. The acting of the characters is tremendous. The quality of the acting that the characters bring is so realistic that it seems that they are not just re-enacting a tragic historical event, but they are living it.

Titanic’s powerful message, to cherish the time that you have with the ones you love and never to settle, is definitely heard through the movie. The most important quality in a movie is definitely shown through The Titanic. The cast gave their all, and it shows. The Titanic meets the specific qualities of most of its viewers. The films huge success was shown when it was the highest grossing film until 2010.

Few movies inspire as much emotion as Titanic. The Titanic, which was portrayed as the “unsinkable” ship, was were two people started their epic romance. Even though Rose And Jack were not meant to be anything more than mere acquaintances, their hearts said otherwise. The amount of raw emotion in the film creates the realistic sensation of love in the twentieth century aboard the Titanic. In the article Vox, it states, “Ebert wrote in 1998 that its enduring power “comes not because it is a love story or a special effects triumph, but because it touches the deepest human feelings about living, dying, and being cherished.

” The article also states, “Novelist Lorrie Moore called Rose’s struggle to find and free Jack from the bowels of the sinking ship “an athletic enactment of grace (unanticipated, unearned, as grace always is). It is love that exceeds the deserts of the beloved.” Even though the film may have been seen as a tragic love story, it can also be know as a movie that shows people that you can find happiness after loss. Many people also viewed the movie Titanic as a way of expressing the inner most love two hearts can share.In conclusion, the tremendous acting and quality put into the Titanic film remains an all-time favorite movie. The main actors bring out the message of the movie clearly, and they embody the situation and life of the twentieth century as well as the modern times.

And although Titanic may be a long movie, do to all the work that was put into the recreation, its worth the time spent on watching a film that exceeds expectations. 


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