Victor is
sixteen years old and worked out in the field with his family, on a slow day he
would carry 1,500 pounds of tomatoes and for each twenty five pound bucket he
harvests he gets one dollar. His inspiration to work in these hazardous
conditions is his family, because he doesn’t want to see them suffer. He’s been
working in the fields since he was eight years old picking vegetables like corn
and lettuce. He helps take care of his two younger sisters that go to school
and has not yet started to harvest with the family. He does not go to school
but talks highly of it, saying that “you get fed, there’s air conditioning and
everything”. Every year victor and his family go to Florida to harvest and on
some days it’s one hundred and seven degrees by 11:30AM. He considers himself
“not grown” in the documentary and goes on to talk about how hard it is to keep
up with the workers who are strong adult men. He has to clean himself of the
tomato muck with bleach because “soap doesn’t work” which is just an additional
hazard to the heat conditions he faces. He soon shares his hard work with his
two sisters who recently migrated from Mexico to work with the family in the
fields. Victor’s life is much different than mine in that I have never even
been exposed to hard work such as that my whole life. Its mind boggling that a
boy so young could be put through such strenuous work while the heaviest thing
I carry is my backpack. In my childhood I can say that I mostly played outside
and had toys, much more carefree and I definitely didn’t have a responsibility
like a job at the age of eight.


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