Uttar Pradesh, usually termed as the heartland of the country, have a geographical stretch of 2, 40, 928 Km2. The state is further divided into eighteen divisions and seventy-five districts. It covers around 7.

3 percent of the country’s geographical area and thus making it the fourth largest state of the in terms of geographical area. The state is a home for 20 crore people which is almost 1/6th of the country’s population. This provides an enormous potential market to invest in the state. The state has very fertile land and is the largest producer of varieties of crops such as sugarcane, pointed gourd, peas, potato etc.

in 2014–15 Uttar Pradesh reported to have 19% share in the total food grain production of the country. Wheat is the state’s main food crop and sugarcane is the prime commercial crop especially in the Western part of the state. A large share of India’s sugar production comes from the state only.

 State also holds 2nd place in the total production of rice in the country following West Bengal and 3rd place in the basmati rice production after Punjab and Haryana. In the recent past, the area under the rice crop has reduced as farmers are showing more interest in growing cash crops like sugarcane. Basmati is mainly grown in the western region of the state whereas eastern region has most of the rice production as non-basmati rice. In the past few years state has shown a high rate of economic growth with a promise of continuing the same in recent future.

The state caters a huge number of Micro, Medium and Small enterprises (MSMEs). The state has a number of locally specialized business clusters such as sports items in Meerut, brassware in Moradabad, perfumes in Kannuaj, leather in Kanpur, shoes in Agra, embroidered sarees in Varanasi, carpet in Bhadohi, chikan work in Lucknow etc. 1 In 2009–10, the tertiary sector (service sector) of the economy contributed most to the GDP of the state, having a contribution 44.8% of the state GDP Slightly higher than the primary sector. The service sector has been led by various industries like hotels, real estate, financial industries, insurance agencies, transport companies, communications and telecom services. The UPFC also assist financially to existing industries having a good track record and to newer industries under some schemes.

 Uttar Pradesh has done fairly well in achieving MSME targets kept under its 5-year plans and has extended its support to several MSMEs and created about half a million employment opportunities across the state. MSME sector is the second-largest employment generator in Uttar Pradesh, the first being agriculture and provides employment to more than 9 million people across the state. The state is able to attract foreign direct investment in many fields with software and electronic having most of it. The state is becoming newer preferences of the corporates and houses the headquarters of many of the corporate companies.1.2.    Food processing industries in India- a brief aboutFood Processing Industry (FPI) in the country is a growing industry that has received the dew importance in the past few years only. Agricultural is the primary source of livelihood for a large population in the country and having varieties of crops grown across the country it enables the easy availability and accessibility of raw materials which is the essential part for an industry to grow.

 Other factors acting as the catalyst for the industrial growth are changing lifestyles, policies favoring the industries and easily available financial option. All these conditions have provided a considerable head to the industry’s growth. Food processing industries are also acting as an important link between the agriculture and market, catering the demand of the customers. Proper support to this link is very important for minimizing the agricultural wastage and improvement of shelf-life of agricultural produce. India is ranked 5th in the world in terms of production, consumption, and export of processed food.

It is a leading producer of quite a few agriculture based and dairy-based items. 2 A good agricultural and dairy produce enables India to expand its food processing industry and meet the global demand easily after satisfying the domestic needs.The current economic scenario of the country is creating huge opportunities for growth to the players currently active in the industry and has the capability to grow and support other support system industries. The registered units and currently active players in the sector are anticipated to be the torch bearer for the industry in future and generating the new job opportunities.


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