Babel is a movie that was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu. It is a story covering diverse issues taking place in the United States of America, Morocco, Japan and Mexico.

This is a four interlacing stories in the four aforementioned countries. One gun connects these four stories and as the movie nears the end, there is a true revelation of how complex and tragic human lives are around the world and it gives the impression that life is not that different regardless of location. Human life is almost the same across nations and even though people may undergo different situations in life, the bottom line is that, human life is full of suffering and struggles. The movie starts by a Moroccan Arab selling a gun to a herder who then passes on the gun to his sons to keep away jackals from attacking his goats. Unfortunately, the youngest son uses the gun to shoot a tour bus carrying an American couple on vacation, Richard and Susan. Susan falls victim of this shooting forcing Richard to start looking for medical help.

As the story unfolds, Richard calls home to inform the housemaid, Amelia, about the incidence. Unfortunately, Amelia cannot spend another day with the kids because her sons’ wedding is on the following day. The only way out for Amelia is to take Richard’s kids to the wedding in Mexico.

The media exaggerates the shooting incidence in Morocco terming it a ‘terrorist attack’. Disaster manifolds as Amelia is stuck at the Mexican border on her way back to San Diego, Richard’s residence. In Tokyo Japan, things are not better.

A rejected deaf and dumb girl, Chieko, is grappling with the realities of the contemporary world. In the midst of her struggles, police officers arrive looking for her mother; Chieko’s mother is associated with selling of the rifle used in Morocco and the story unfolds. This movie addresses many social issues. Family life stands out. Richard and Susan are in Morocco to reconcile their lives after many days of a strained marriage. Richard accuses Susan of running away after their youngest son died from a sexually transmitted disease.

They are blaming each other. Wedding comes into the scene as Amelia travels to Mexico to attend her son’s wedding. The issue of responsibility in childcare also stands out. Amelia decides to take Richard’s children to Mexico without letter of consent from the parents, a factor that brings her problem at the Mexican border. She later abandons the children in the desert before being arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Rejection and isolation is the other social issue addresses here. Chieko is rejected after her mother commits suicide. She cannot stand her father together with her age mate boys. Sexual immorality then sets in; Chieko tries to seduce a dentist into sexual relationship; unfortunately the dentist turns her away. From frustration, Chieko brings her panties down in front of an attractive young man before striping naked before a police officer.

The issue of security speaks volumes. Illegal guns are finding their way into the wrong hands. Susan is shot as a result. The United States of America thinks this is a terrorist attack from the wrong reports from media houses. There is lack of responsibility in informing the citizens with authentic information.

This movie is an epitome of what happens after proper communication fails starting from family, friends, state and the world at large. This is a must-watch movie for it informs a lot about different issues that are taking place in the contemporary society. It is an interesting and informative piece.

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