University of BahrainHistory and LocationThe national university of Kingdom of Bahrain, has an official order to lead the nation’s. The university of bahrain customized to develop as the university quoted, “Human capital development by having a major change” (“university philosophy”).

Whereas, “It contributes to economic development and leading society” (“university philosophy”). Human capital development improves the skills and knowledge for the employers as well as students for having a better and higher education by having a major change and economic society. In fact the University Of Bahrain, “Located in Bahrain, Isa town, Sakhir, and Manama” (“Uob Map”).

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Earlier, the university of bahrain was,”Established in 24th May 1986 the only national university in the Kingdom of Bahrain history originates from the 1960’s”(“status”).     University of Bahrain it has three current locations as mentioned before in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in each area has its own colleges. The ten colleges is divided in Isa town, Manama and Sakhir. His majesty, King Hamad bin Isa Al khalifa, supported and developed high education for the University.His highness king Hamad and by the late Amir Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa established the University of bahrain in 1968.

Including in, “The university of bahrain was founded in 1978” (“about the college”). To mention,”University of bahrain has ten colleges”(“about the college”).The university of bahrain was established in the late 1960s and it has all types of college which is the total of ten. To begin with, “Establishing of public intuitions higher education and learning”(“the university of Bahrain”). Mostly, “The university of bahrain has aspirations in global higher education”(“the university of Bahrain”).     The university of bahrain hope for students to have higher education and learning. Established of public education to the the ability to understand.

In the end his highness King Hamad established the first and best Educated University in Bahrain by the year 1968.Bahrain University is also a member of international Association of Universities. Furthermore,” It established a result in Amiri decree in the year 1986″(“about the college”).

The college offers many courses,”The university is mostly known for engineering , health science , physical education, information technology and law” (“about the college”).University of bahrain has a total of four libraries for students to have a good education. As a matter of fact, “The university location is ideal because is quiet and peaceful were as the students can study” (“about the college”). However , “The university decree resulted in the merger of two public colleges which are the gulf polytechnic and the university college of arts” (“about the college”).

The university has about 86 academic program as well as bachelor and master programs. As shown above, it’s one of the best universities in bahrain and it consistently ranked as the 62nd national arab university international.Courses offered The college of engineering have five different departments which include architecture and interior design ,civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering.First of all, “College offers MSc and PhD programs in chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering”(“college of Engineering”). Additionally, “The College of Engineering at UoB is the leader of higher engineering education in the kingdom. This is apparent through the quality and quantity of the college’s”(“college of engineering”).The college offers higher degrees for the chemical and civil engineering.

The college of engineering have high education with quality and quantity. Whereas, “Civil engineering department has one of the largest number of enrolled students in the college of engineering at UOB”(“college of engineering”). According to the university of bahrain, “Architecture and Interior Design are some of the best professions in the world for those who enjoy creativity, imagination and unlimited complexity and challenge to innovate”(“college of engineering”).Civil and architecture are the best and the largest number of students entering these colleges. “As a result students become engineers who are highly talented, technically capable, innovative, creative and able to lead towards positive change in their immediate and global surroundings”(“college of engineering”).

         In the business college the university added some minor important things that students should learn about such as Marketing , Finance , Economic , Accounting , Banking,international Banking  together with Management . Meanwhile, “The college earned AACSB international accreditation for all college programs and they awarded them for full confidence in the program”(“college of business”). According to the University, “The M.

Sc in the account program must lead the graduate program in the region and to get the highest international quality for excellence accounting education”( “M.Sc in accounting”).           The importance of it is to evaluate business issues and practice from ethical and global perspectives and communicate effectively and professionally in business situations. “The department of economics and finance provides the student the required knowledge in the field of banking and finance as well as spread students of complex economics issues with business and management decisions” (” college of business administration”). “The master of science M.Sc in finance at the university of bahrain seeks to equip the graduates with good knowledge” (“M.Sc of finance”). The business and finance departments wants the students to actually have a better knowledge about how business works internationally .

The university educated the students to know how to communicate with business situations all around the world plus having to solve problem in a finance context professionally.Admissions process             The applicants who are willing to attended the university of Bahrain must follow the requirements of the university.As a result, “A minimum grade of 70% in the General Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent”(“Admission Requirements”).Usually, “No more than two years shall have passed since the applicant obtained his/her high General Secondary School Certificate”(“Admission Requirements”). Consequently, “The university accepts students with the maximum of 70% and above and not more than two years failing as well as having a good certificate from their previous school. As the university provided, “the applicant shall attend an aptitude test and a personal interview”(“Admission Requirements”). For the most part, “Language competency is required according to the language of instruction of the specific program of study”(“Admission Requirements”). Strong and professional language required at the university and every interview must be attended and students must be fit for these academic programs .

The university of Bahrain provides for the students the excellent academic programs and the require some good rules but they don’t accepts students with two years of failure. For this reason, UOB provides the best programs in bahrain engineering and business are the most wanted programs . The university also improves the for a higher education. University recommendations             Recommend this university because it is the best and more educated university in Bahrain. For instance, “The only national university in kingdom of Bahrain that offers all higher education degree”( “about university of bahrain”). Indeed, “Motivated learners and freedom to practice own style”(“University of bahrain review”).

University of Bahrain offers high education degrees. The university provides freedom and they motivate learners. The university of bahrain is considered to, ” Create solutions to improve individuals lives, and communities and the world”(“University of bahrain (UOB)”). Definitely, “The university of bahrain is an national university dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning” (“university of bahrain (UOB)”).

The university of bahrain always create solutions for students live.The university of Bahrain has highly degrees and ways to improve the student life and teaching.          The university provides the best programs for the students and getting the best education . Accordingly, “The university has a clear focus on the number of areas that will be successful for them”(“About the university”).

Certainly, “The university of bahrain has significant international reach and global standing through student and graduates”(“About the university”). The university finds what’s best for the students knowledge and for the graduates. Yet, “The university recognized as a learning research and entrepreneurial institution”(“about the university”).However, “The university has world class learning and teaching and local engagement and international reputation”  (“about the university”). “The university of bahrain focus on producing high quality and skilled workforce for the next generation of leaders” (“about the university”).The university of bahrain is central to the economic growth of bahrain through offering programs and courses.Campus life and policies            The university has a fair campus life in sakhir university which have students needs and requirements.

Regularly the University of Bahrain, “Meet the requirements and needs of all stakeholders in order to provide educational service of high quality” (“services”). Especially,”Transportation Service the university provides a service to deliver university students” (“services”).Transportation is available for students who doesn’t have transportation. Generally the university,”Develop and improve performance of the UOB through the development of academic performance in the field of education and learning, scientific research and community service” (“about the department”).Furthermore the University, “Establish a culture of quality, and increase their efficiency through continuous training.Follow-up and review periodically the quality objectives to ensure the continuous improvement and development of the quality system”(“students activities department”).

The policies has a quality in culture and development in education and learning in research and community services.The campus life in the university has developed and high quantity in living and transport.            The university provides what the students need such as transportation and other activities they need. Moreover, “The university library has many books and programs they can study and research about ,in addition their mission is to empower students with information to serve the local community”(“About the Library”). Lately, “The university of bahrain aims to become a center of excellence that supports and promotes high academic standards in undergraduate”(About the library”).University of bahrain provides the best books to research about and study and over 2,000 books are in the library and they also have access to the british library.

Along with the university , “will provide some electronics and as well as activities”(“UOB strategic plan”). “The university has the strongest teachers for the students to get more knowledge and studying well”(“About the university”).They have a world class technology and an environment that is so friendly and the university rewards the students who are doing good at studying . In brief, the university have the best campus and policies and strong teachers to support a higher level of academic standards.


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