UNIVERSALITY OF THE FAMILY SYSTEM Manysociologists thinks that family is the basic foundation of society. It forms the most important unit of social organization and ithard to even think of proper functioning of a society without the family. Thefamily is considered a much needy thing for individuals and society.

There are many types of the family in a society but nuclear family is consideredmost common type. This consists of mother father with two dependent children.George Murdock took a sample of many societies and results showed that in everysociety there is some type of family. Therefore we can easily say that familyis universal as every society have family of different type. Hence it is proved that the family workstogether and uses its sources effectively in a society. The family provide theindividual with primary socialization or education, which makes the individualacceptance in a society easy.

Thus forming a more easily accepting andsocialized society because in family the individual learns how to communicateand express their feelings in a way that is most acceptable in a society.However, the family is not able to provide all the socialization the individualneeds for survival in a society. That is why we have the education systemincluding schools colleges’ universities and other religious centers which issecondary socialization for the individual.Thecurrent era black family is another exception mostly in western countries likeAmerica and the Caribbean. Where many families are led by others because thefathers are absent in such families.

This then causes the family to be a lonesingle parent family. The reasons for such type are either that this familytype was common in Africa or that men were jobless so the women kept the familyby doing job and other work which mostly man do in other families.  TYPES OF FAMILIESThere are following types of family in a society:·        Nuclear family·        Single or lone parent family·        Extended family·        Childless family·        Step family·        Grandparent familyNUCLEAR FAMILYThe nuclear family is the traditional type of familyin a society.

This family resolve around two parents, mother father and theirchildren. Its only contain two parents (mother and father) and children. It actuallyrevolve around a married couple.

It can have any of number of Children.Different sociologist have different opinions: some of them only counts thosechildren who are totally blood siblings while other also include adopted andstep children.In nuclear family, environment is more comfortable forchildren as they can easily share their problems with their parents without anyrestrictions.

They are more close to their parents and a friendly relationshipis developed between them. Parents give priority of their time to children. Accordingto U.

S. almost 70 % of children tends to live in a nuclear family unit.SINGLE FAMILYThe single parent familyis a type in which one parent raise one or more children on his own. Often, asingle parent family is a mother with her children.

Single parent families aremostly close and they work together to solve their problems, such as dividingup household chores in between children. Keeping in view its many benefitssingle parent family have some disadvantages like health care of children, asthere is only one parent who usually is working. But italso have some negative points as it is difficult for a single parent tofulfill the expenses so it will become necessary for a single parent to do somesort of work. Because of it a single parent can’t give a proper time tochildren automatically interaction will be less and communication gap will beincreased. Relationships will become more complicated.

Children will becomefrustrated and a sense of loneliness will be develop in them. EXTENDED/JOINT FAMILYIn which each member of the family live together.These members includes Grandparents, uncles, aunties, and a lot of cousins.

Injoint family system mostly houses have one kitchen so they cook together bysharing each other’s recipes and burden. They eat together and in most offamilies during dinner important issues and problems are discussed. Eldersdiscuss these problems keeping their experience in view to solve these issuesmore easily by their experience and intelligenceCHILDLESS FAMILYMost of people thinks that families mainly consists ofchildren without children there is no concept of family but there are manyfamilies who do not have children or they do not want children. Some benefitsof this family are: parents can spend more time with each another. They canalso complete their study easily without having child.

Their expenses will below, they can spend more on themselves with less responsibilities. It has alsosome negative points: when they face criticism from other people for not havinga child they will started frustrated and clashes are often found in them. Theirrelationship weakens with time. STEPFAMILYInthis new era most of the marriage results in divorce and they consider inremarriage to move on to life resulting in emergence of step family.

Therewill be more understanding between such couple as they already faced so manytragedies in their previous life that now they can make any time of effort tosave their relationship. Stepfamilies needs to learn methods of workingtogether in harmony and also working with their ex to ensure these family unitsrun perfectly.GRANDPARENT FAMILYInthis era due to many problems and issues many grandparents have to raise theirgrandchildren in a society.  It isestimated that out of fourteen one child is raised by his grandparents, becausethe parents are not available for raising a child it may be due parents’ death,some addiction, abandonment or being unfit parents. Many grandparents have toface hardship in order to raise children perfectly and smoothly they may haveto work to ensure finance assistant.



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