unique lifeexperiences.  Those who think alike oftencome to the same conclusion.  Thus,injecting a different or diverse view point changes the conversation andpotentially the outcome.     InspireOthersLeadersmust model the behaviors and they wish their employees will follow.  To do this they must lead by example.  Leaders need to be seen working hard,collaborating, and modeling the values they require of the staff.  The best way for employees to see thisbehavior is to be present on the units, have staff present in leadershipmeetings, or both.

  Leaders seen workingin the trenches with the frontline are excellent role models and mentors (Anonson et al., 2014).  Toensure the leadership style and values of the facility continue to othergenerations, a facility must have strong succession planning.  Developing leaders will allow for internalgrowth and hiring leaders from within the organization.

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  This upward mobility will help with retentionof employees as well as reduce leadership gaps required during the hiring andtraining process.  ManagingEmotionsWhena leader fails to manage their emotions, they allow their vision and judgmentto become distorted or biased.  Managingemotions requires a leader to have emotional intelligence, adopted resiliency,and possess leadership vulnerability.  Emotionalintelligence is the recognition of a person’s own feelings, the feelings ofothers, and how one is able to regulate both in response to situations (Phillips & Harris, 2017).  When aleader lacks the emotional intelligence required in their position they createa climate of fear and social sickness (Akerjordet & Severinsson, 2010).  Thisleadership style is dangerous in an organization as it can lead to poor jobsatisfaction and high staff turnover. Leaders with high levels of EI have self-awareness, empathy, and thesocial skills to motivate and guide others.



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