Ugh, Imagine living in another country, China for say. You have been sitting in class for six hours. Then your teacher says break. You say where do we go out to play? And one of your classmates whisper, We have a five minute break to stand and use the bathroom. Now stop imagining. All I just said was true. I feel kids would focus more and behavior will be better and improving health is something recess also does.

To start things off, Children would focus more in school. I believe this is true because, After recess kids won’t fidget. This is important because, kids will not draw attention  causing others to also focus more. Besides that I think kids will be on task more.

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I can prove this because, kids are given the chance to let out their sillys and focus more. And finally kids have more chance to reset their mind. This is significant because recess gives children time to soak in what they have recently learned. Scientists say, “A child’s play helps build a better brain.” this is supportive because having a stronger smarter brain can improve focus by being interested in learning more. I also think, behavior will be better.

I feel this way because kids might love school more. For example when you ask a kid what do you like best about school, they are most likely coming to school expecting to do what they love.             He would love school more. Further into this topic, recess teaches leadership. This is important because being a leader teaches determination.

Determination is a skill you need in life.    I really do feel that, recess improves health. Giving more recess gives more exercise. This is special because, kids need 60 minutes of outdoor play everyday. They could get a little here and a little home. Also kids will grow more. Even though eating healthy and exercising will make you grow, but even playing will too.

Many people say recess give bully’s more time to thrive , however kids will make more friends. Making friends is important because kids will grow up happy not sad and gloomy. Even bully’s could make a new friend. Now Imagine kids with more recess. Is their behavior better, did there health improve, do they have more focus? These are all good things that happen from recess.


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