Two main elements in reducing accidents at the workplace are by reducing unsafe conditions and reducing unsafe acts. Safe condition at the workplace is the fundamental aspect in reducing accidents, and it can be achieved with the following steps:Maintain Neat and Clean EnvironmentWhile cleanliness can be attributed to the esthetic condition of a workplace, it also can be a deterrent factor to accidents. A workplace with substandard cleanliness may expose employees to injuries that could lead the company to bear the costs of treatment and compensations.

A cluttered, messy and unclean area create an uneasy situation for the employee to perform their tasks thus giving a higher chance of injury.Adherence to GuidelinesAnother step to reduce unsafe acts at the workplace is by ensuring that all policies and guidelines must be based on guidelines prepared by DOSH. Any accidents related to safety must be reported through a proper channel where it will be discussed, investigated and mitigation plan needs to be identified to prevent similar accidents to happen in the future. Display Safety SignageSafety signage must be displayed at areas that are visible to remind employees of proper procedures they need to adhere to. Besides displaying specific procedures that employee should practice the signage can also be used to remind them that it is everyone’s responsibility to recognize unsafe conditions in the workplace such as defective equipment, unsafe storage, improper illumination or cluttered area and report it to their safety supervisor.Safety Inspection An employer can carry out regular safety inspection to identify unsafe conditions at the workplace. A safety inspection is a procedure carried out to determine the hazards in the workplace as well as the risks associated with it and recommend the measures that can be taken to eliminate the risk or at the very least, reduce it.

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 Rigorous Check on EquipmentAn employer must ensure that all machines or vehicles operated by the employees are in good working condition. A regular check and maintenance of the equipment can diminish the chance of injury during operation. Also, unsafe safety acts must also be reduced via the following steps.Avoid Rush JobsOne of the steps can be taken to avoid accidents at the workplace is by avoiding employees to do rush jobs as sometimes, the concern is more on the completion of the job quickly instead of safely. Employee must be reminded that rushing a job could produce a substandard product as well as severe consequences onto themselves. Proper Employee Hiring and PlacementWhen hiring an employee, it is vital to identify traits that could impair their performance at workplace. For example, employee with visual impairment must not be allowed to handle meticulous procedure at work while the employee with limited physical capabilities must not be asked to perform tasks that are beyond his abilities. All these traits can be detected during employee screening either by asking them to undergo physical check or through their background check.

 Safety TrainingAnother way to reduce unsafe acts is by providing safety training, especially for new employees. The new intake will be reminded of safe practices and procedures, warn them on potential hazards and good work ethics so they can develop a safety conscious attitude at the workplace. Incentivize EmployeesGood safety practices at the workplace should be glorified throughout the company. Employees with good safety records can be incentivized with rewards to recognize their contributions to safety. Besides, the incentives will also encourage other employees to display similar work practices.


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