Tristen Myers01/25/2018Social Skills”Social skills are skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language, and our personal appearance.” This topic stood out to me because it is something that society is lacking and is something that some parents are neglecting to teach their children.

Many people who lack basic social skills end up struggling with things like school, work, and making friends because these skills are necessary to be able to effectively communicate with other people. Being sociable helps us with resilience and children who are constantly rejected by their peers become lonely and tend to have lower self-esteem. Therefore when these children become older, they are more likely to drop-out of school, use drugs or alcohol, or end up not continuing their education. With that said, some children enjoy higher levels of social activity while other children prefer less, but even though this may be something children are born with, the ability to get along with others is a learned skill. This means that it can be practiced and improved, especially if the child’s parent is coaching them on how to use these skills. “The fact that some people are better ‘social interactors’ than others has led to detailed investigations into the nature and function of interpersonal interaction.

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Developing social skills is about being aware of how we communicate with others, the messages we send and how methods of communication can be improved to make the way we communicate more efficient and effective.” Social skills are important to Medical Assistants because we are required to be able to speak with patients without hesitation or conflict. Not only is this important so that we can communicate with patients, it is also helpful for when we need to speak with a superior within our workplace or even receiving negative or positive feedback from people such as the doctor we are working for or our coworkers. There are three main processes that pertain to the way children and adults navigate the world and they are: Seeing, Thinking, and Doing. These processes play a big part in the way people learn to use their social skills. Seeing involves the understanding of social cues by noticing things like; other people’s behaviors, body language, the way people speak to each other, and how to act in new situations.

By this I mean when children walk into a new classroom or when adults start the first day of their new job, what are they doing to try and read the environment they are stepping into? Are they trying to interact with other people? How can they tell if people like or dislike them? …All of the answers to these questions can be found within social cues, but it requires the act of pursuing your social skills to be able to pick up on them.


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