The United States of America is one of the countries, the employment trends of which are not stable and have more chances to be worsened than to be improved. Lots of factors from different spheres of life have a certain impact on the development of employment trends and its significance. The problem of unemployment is considered to be one of the most burning ones in many developing countries, and the United States is not an exception. Population growth, frequent immigration, and safe working conditions – all these are the major factors, which influence employment.

The trends in U. S. employment have changed because of numerous factors, connected with education and population growth, within a couple of decades; this is why some of the trends should be properly analyzed in order to find out the reasons of job losses and choose the most effective ways to be able to have a good job.

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General Idea about Employment Trends

Nowadays, the world is rapidly approaching to one more demographic revolution that may cause certain changes into the employment world. Lots of young people are eager to join job markets in order to provide themselves with safe future and time to develop own professional skills (Employment Trends in the 21st Century) Of course, it is impossible to control birth on the planet, however, it turns out to be quite possible to analyze why so many people are eager to work at so young age be means of surveys and questionnaires. According to the principles, which are inherent to modern youth, it is better to work and be independent than be dependent on parents and not to have the right of choice.

Lots of people want to work just in order to help parents and provide them with a chance to enjoy this life.

U. S. Employment Trends

U. S. employment trends mostly depend on such factors like “health care costs, outsourcing, and productivity growth” (Analyzing Employment Trends, 2006). Each sphere of life is developing fast, lots of values have been changed, and the level of birth is still increasing, this is why trends in U.

S. employment become different with time. The ideas of temporary employment in the United States provide the employers with an opportunity to hire people for a short period of time and fire them when they want or find their job unnecessary.

Economic hardship at the beginning of the 2000s led to losses of jobs for the first time (Krantz, 2002). However, temporary hiring is not the only reasons for the development of new trends in U. S. employment. Labor force become older, this is why the ideas of how to hire skilled and not too old people should be developed as quickly as possible. Women get a chance to work at the same level as men do work. Nowadays, it is not crucially important for a woman to spend all the time at home, keep the house, and bring up children.

Lots of women take leading positions (Working in the 21st Century), and this is why the necessity of baby-sitters has been increased as well. Immigrants and minorities are eager to find jobs with any conditions just in order to have an opportunity to earn money for living. This is why lots of employers do not actually care how to improve working conditions, but focus on personal profits. Working place become safer, this is why lots of young people are not afraid to start working in order to earn and develop their skills. Education, specially higher education, is appreciated as well. So, lots of students try to find some practice during their studies and get a kind of assurance that, with time, they become constant workers on the chosen sphere.

These are the major trends in U. S. employment, which have been changed due to certain change of values and working conditions.

Forecasts in the Sphere of Employment

With so rapidly developing economy, it becomes harder and harder to predict the future of employment even for the next five years. Without any doubts, economic growth rate turns out to be rather crucial factor, which influence the generation of jobs.

Job markets may start their revivals in a short period of time, but still, they can burst as well within the same period of time or even quicker. The growth of population by means of migration and birth rate will also promote the development of new approved trends in U. S. employment, as lots of people still believe that working in America will help to achieve success faster and become rich.


The trends in U. S. employment are various indeed and caused by numerous factors: demographic, technological, social, and educational.

Temporary jobs, abilities to get higher education at any age, safe working conditions, and equal opportunities in getting jobs for men and women – all these points promote the development of employment trends in the United States of America. People, who are eager to work and earn for living can get education, practice a bit, and be hired. Nowadays, people are under the same conditions in order to find a job, and new trends in employment promote people’s success.

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