Treatment A cold frosty morning…?? The look of glistening curiosity fills the eyes of a group of teens as they enter the Christmas market upon opening. Using a POV shot for this advert, showing the path a student takes through this magical market. The sights and sounds they hear as excitement fills their heart.? Beginning their adventure… into the Belfast Christmas Market.?  Purpose (e.g. inform, promote, entertain, educate)  The purpose of this video is to advertise, promote and inform College and University students on the Belfast Christmas Market.

The video I will create will inform the target audience on what the Christmas Market is about, showing the different booths in the market and how they each have different things to offer.??  ? Form and genre of the media product (e.g. promotional video, trailer, advert, TV programme, short film, online content, documentary) As the promotional video will be shown on UTV as Christmas approaches is it ideal to show the true essence of Christmas to college and university students, to enlighten them on what they have been missing by not attending the market.?? ? The form of this will be an audio visual promotional video and the genre will be an advertisement. Having this will hopefully attract people from the target audience and bring more people to the Christmas Market.

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?  Content: The scenes I have chosen to include in my promotional video I have carefully thought over as to why they would fit and appeal to the target audience. For example, when I was thinking about Mise en Scene and how each element that was inside the frame was there to attract the target audience I thought about one of the scenes I will record and how it will focus on the teenagers as they will be using the Snapchat app to take photos while at the market I will be using a screen recorder to show them changing the filters before finally taking the photo. I have chosen this to be within the camera frame as Snapchat is very popular among students and as they are the target audience for this video, it will appeal to them on a wide scale.

  I will use a range of camera angles throughout the filming of the promotional video whilst keeping them all at eye level. Camerawork will also include still shots used as a montage and possibly small clips from a phone recording the screen as students take selfies at the market (as part of the montage.) This is because it will appeal to the target audience as it will show the perspective of a student as they would venture around the Christmas Market.

 I will use POV shots to imitate the actions of a student, this will appeal to my target audience and fulfill the client brief as it will enlighten students watching the promotional video of the stalls they could encounter as they venture through the brightly coloured stalls, showing them that there is much for them to see in the Market. I will also use close ups to show the vivid colours of food from different stalls to show a range of assorted treats that my target audience may enjoy. I believe this will entice the audience as it will glorify the food that has come from many difference places and showing the foods close up will allow the audience to see the detail that has gone into the food they will have the opportunity to try. As it is more common for people to watch advertisements that have a storyline and characters, it was important to fulfill this requirement as I do believe in doing so I will be able to create a video that perfectly showcases the market in a student point of view.  The footage I will obtain will be edited using Premiere Pro and my aim is to create a video that will result in the last 10 or 20 seconds being a photo montage of students at the market using a screen recorder on a mobile device, recording their actions on the app Snapchat. As for transitions, I will be using a combination of the “Dip to White” transition and the “Film Dissolve” transition. I have chosen these because I believe they will help me create smooth transitions between clips as well as create a look that will be aesthetically pleasing to the target audience stated within the brief set by my client.

I believe this will appeal to the target audience as it will show a smooth transition between shots of vivid food selections that are sold at reasonable price, encouraging the target audience to attend the market to try all of the flavours that are offered. My aim is to create a magical feel to the promotional video and using these transitions will help to obtain my goal.  As for the SFX I will use, I will be using an R&B version of First Noel sourced off of Free Christmas MP3, I chose this because as it is a contemporary version of a well-known Christmas song it may appeal to the younger audience as it is more upbeat and will bring a fun vibe to the video. I also intend to fade the promo out with a sleigh bells ringing effect sourced off Sound Bible. All the sounds I will use will be from copyright free websites.

  The graphics I will be using will be that of my own, using photos taken by actors at the market, with stalls behind them, all on Snapchat, using the app as a way to promote the market and attract the target audience as a wide range of people within the audience will be using the app itself. As well as a title that will be created in after effects, I will make it look magical as I believe this will evoke the true sense of Christmas within the promotional video I will create. 


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