TreatmentIt’s a cold, chilly morning.The lights are softly glowing against the winter morning sky. The sounds ofvendors and customer slowly start to rise. Smoke from the food stall can beseen rising as our young actors enter the market. A camera tracks theirmovement, swelling music builds up in the background and excitement shines onthe students’ faces. They’re here.

The Christmas Market. The tantalising smellsare making their mouths water and their stomachs rumble. They don’t know whereto go first but eventually pick one corner of the market and make their wayaround the market. This is it.

The market’s here. And that means, so isChristmas. Purpose (e.g.

inform, promote, entertain, educate) This video, as outlined inthe brief, is a promotional video to advertise and promote the BelfastChristmas Market to college and university students who might not usually visitthe market. I want my target audience to feel excited about the market whenthey watch the video and feel the true essence of Christmas, especially if theyare students who are living in dormitories away from home and miss theirfamily. In my video, I will showcase the market and the stalls and how eachstall has different things to offer.

 Form and genre of the media product (e.g. promotional video,trailer, advert, TV programme, short film, online content, documentary)The genre will beadvertisement and the form will be an audio visual promotional video to, hopefully,attract college and university students to the market, as outlined in theclient brief. As the promotional video is going to air on UTV close toChristmas, it would be perfect to remind them of the essence of Christmas andshow them what they have been missing out on.

           Content: a.   Mise en scène: I will use Mise-en-Scene to show myviewers not only the stalls, but the variety of goods they offer as well. Iwill use the actors expressions to show the viewers how much they are enjoyingthemselves and I will use it to set a Christmas wonderland atmosphere as wasasked by the client brief.·     Settingand Props: my setting will be the Christmas market and the props that my actorwill use will be from the market.

This brings the audience’s attention to whatis being sold in the market give it an authentic Christmas feel. ·     Costume, Hair and Makeup: my actor’s hair will be simple,but the makeup will be striking, bold and festive while the clothes will bewarm but fashionable. (ref:https://i.pinimg.

com/originals/64/60/54/64605467a9fbbdb2cf169515f99cb791.jpg)·     FacialExpression and Body Language: my actor will portray a sense of excitement, joyand wonder at being in the market. The interactions between the actor and themarket vendors will portray a happy environment that everybody would like tovisit. ·     Lighting and Colour: the lighting will be natural andsoft to enforce the idea that the market has a good environment and isenjoyable. This will attract the college students as they go through stressfulsituations for their exams. The soft lighting and colour will portray themarket as a stress-free environment that they can visit to relax. (ref:https://www.·     Positioningof Characters and Objects Within the Frame: I will position the actor toportray the market in the best light. Using the Rule of Thirds, I will create abalanced image that the viewer will be able to interact with more naturally. Mytarget audience as outlined by the client brief, is college students anduniversity students, as such I want to create a promo video that is invitingand natural to the eye. When the actor will be interacting with the vendors, Iwill position them along the imaginary intersections as the viewers eyes naturallygo to one of the intersections rather than the centre of the shot. Using theRule of Thirds works with the natural way of viewing an image rather thanworking against it.

 b.    Camerawork: I will use a wide range of camera angles to show themarket and add photos taken from the students’ cameras to add that personaltouch so that my target audience can relate to the actors in the video. I willbe using pans to show what the market looks like, mid shots to show the actorinteracting with the vendors and show casing the items in the stall andclose-up shots to show the expressions of joy on the actor’s face.

I will alsouse POV shots to further make the actor relatable and to show the ChristmasMarket as a fun place to go and hang out with friends. I will long shots toshow the market setting as the actor interacts with it. ( ref:

ece/ALTERNATES/s615/christmas-market-1060516.jpg)c.   Editing: I will beusing Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my footage. I will be using a soft glowingfilter over my footage to give it the illusion of wonder as seen by theaudience. I will use continuity editing to give the promo video a smooth flowwithout jarring the audience. (ref:×400:format=jpg/path/sa6549607c78f5c11/image/id9f892e419a1df29/version/1498733942/image.

jpg) d.  Transitions:Ideally, I would prefer no cuts, or at least, invisible cuts, and nodialogue and let the emotions on the students’ faces express the emotionthey’re feeling instead. I will be using fades to show that the time has lapsedas the actor travels through the market. e.   SFX: Christmasmusic will play over the video instead of sounds from the market. I will use royalty free music so thatI don’t break any copyright laws.

 f.     GFX: FrenchScript MT font size 72,bold will be used for the end title as it looks festive and trendy. g.    Editing: I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro to editmy footage. I will be using a soft glowing filter over my footage to give itthe illusion of wonder as seen by the audience. I will use continuity editingto give the promo video a smooth flow without jarring the audience.

           Target audience: a.    Spending power: The target audience iscollege and university students and they fall under the ‘E’ socioeconomicgrade, as such they would have the general spending power between £10 – £80. As college and universitystudents receive grants and funds, visiting the market and sampling the stallsshould be easy as there are many stalls that offer good quality food withenough quantity to justify the price. b.    Demographics:As this promotional video is targetedtowards college and university students, we know that they fall into the ‘E’bracket of the socio-economic class and therefore have some spendable income asthey might have part-time jobs or grants given to them by the colleges anduniversities.

The video will be targeted towards the ‘mainstreamer’ and’explorer’ psychographic as they are most likely to visit the market after viewingthe video. Since most of the college and university students will be living instudent accommodations, it’ll be easier for them to visit the market c.    Age: The client brief has asked for apromotional video targeted at college and university students. This means thatmy target audience would be aged between 18-26 years old because that is theprime age range of college and university students.

 d.    Gender: The video will be gender neutral sothat it can appeal to everyone. I will try and showcase all the stalls at themarket and since there is such a wide variety, it will cater to everyindividual’s taste e.g.

a food or candy stall might attract the 18-20 yearolds, the stalls with jewellery would attract anyone who likes to accessorise,the stalls with crystals would appeal to anyone who likes to be in tune withnature, etc    


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