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 The nucleus isa membrane bounded organelle which is found on Eukaryotic cells. It is also thelargest cellular organelle in animal cells and is 5µm in diameter. Mostly thecells are uni-nucleate, and some cells may have more than one nuclei. But thereare few types of cells which lack a nucleus. Ex: mammalian red blood cells. Thenucleus

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Date: January, 2018To: Tammy Bane, Chairwoman ofthe Oregon Transportation CommissionFrom: Eric Switzer Subject:  I-5 and I-205 Congestion Introductory:Every day hundreds of thousands of north-west Washingtonianscross over into Oregon in the morning, and again coming home. The only ways ofgetting across the Columbian River is driving across one of two bridges, theI-5 bridge and the I-205 bridge,


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