“Transformation of human resource management processes”ProjectThe aim of the project is application of new HR processes,improvement of existing HR processes, provision of integration betweenprocesses. The project consists of –       Competency management – is being carried outwith purpose of evaluation and improvement of competencies of workers,determination and preparation of followers on highly important positions:-       Efficiency management – is being carried outwith purpose of identification of key efficiency indicators, identification andmeasure of objectives, reward of employees on the base of high indicators.-       Management of recruitment, placement and adaptation – is beingcarried out with purpose of automatisation of processes and systemisation ofadaptation process in order to rationalize management of existing system.-       Management of learning and development – is being carried out withpurpose of identificationof training needs of employees Efficiency managemento  Automatization of procedures of additional /changing section of rewarding;o  Calibration of employees on the base of theresults of the evaluation of the efficiency;o  Updating the career development process ofemployees on the base of targetso  Annual identification and assessment of targetManagementof recruitmento  The selection process for the involvement of thehead of the lineo  Candidates for the formation of a singledatabaseo  Workers accepted a new job shadowing of careerdevelopmento  The adaptation of new employees for assistanceo  ?nvolvement of line manager to selection processo  Formation of integrated database of candidatesManagementof learning and developmento  Application of evaluation process of developmentmethodso  Optimization of costs needed for coaching ofstaffo  Application of platform supporting distanceeducationo  Unification and automatization of catalogue ofteaching materials o  Application of units before analysis of theresults of learning and development management process


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