Trains are a fascinating form of mechanical beast. There are several types of trains roaming the vast expanse of railroads all across the world. Though there are many variations to trains, however each and every individual train has one commonplace within the hearts that are held within the metal cacoon of our towering companions, they go choo-choo.And choo-choo they go. There is, however a sad turn to this essay.

Every year thousands of trains are built in dark and foreboding factories, by greasy oil soaked hands, or even worse, the cold lifeless hands of souless machines. And what happens after all of this you ask, are they let loose to do whatever a train would do if it was to set out unto the world? Do they sing their sweat exotic choo-choo’s so that it can reach the ears of the people around? No, however comforting this fantasy may be it is only a fallacy.Trains are not only forbidden to roam about the world whilst singing their sweet,sweet choo-choos for us, but they are also sold to private companys for slave labor. Yes dear reader their you have it, the unspoken truth,these poor trains,these locomotives have to live their lives in unkempt shipping yards and forced to carry TONS of cargo for the greedy men and women who own them, hand over fist. It is a cruel twist of fate for these forlorn machines. However, there is hope, as i speak hundreds of chuggers are being led to freedom via the Under ground Railways. Led by humans and former train slaves alike, if the escape is successful they are given new names, a new life, and a new hope for a free, brighter future as free trains living with true freedom and chooing and chugging gleafully as they go about their lives.And who am I dear reader? I am the one that speaks for the trains, the ones who give them power by voice and pen.

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They have dubbed me the choo-choo man. And it is my lifes work to speak for trains of all shapes and sizes.


I'm Erica!

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