Tourism in India is instrumental for employment and economic growth. Itis the largest service sector industry. Growth in economy has increased the disposableincome, which as created better opportunities for travel. India offers numeroustravel opportunities consisting of forests, hills, rivers and mountains. Accordingto Maurice Jane (2002) India is a perfect blend of historical, traditional andcultural significance. It comprises of coastal areas as well as hill top sceniclocations. Thus has a vast potential for tourism growth and is successful incatering to the needs of tourists with diversified interests. The country isable to attract foreign tourist and also a high amount of Foreign DirectInvestment (FDI).

India is rich in diversity and believes in “AtithiDevo Bhavah”. The tourism ministry as undertook a series of promotionalactivities in tourist generating markets. The five-year plans are implementedin order to develop this industry.

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These plans are implemented once in everyfive-year with the main focus laid on developing Indian Tourism. Theroles of the government central, state and local bodies are essential inplanning, promoting and encouraging sustainable tourism schemes. The reason behindtremendous growth is due to the high spending foreign tourists, the middleclass population and the government campaign of Incredible India. The drivers of tourism inIndia are domestic and international growth drivers. Thedomestic drivers are the lifestyles of middle class, leading to purchasingpower and better connectivity while the international drivers are value formoney at the. The Incredible India is s lucrative brand for governmentinitiatives and policies that help increase inbound tourism.  Amajor part of the country’s population falls under a young age group of 18-55and are more open to new destinations. Diverse product offerings oftourism industry are driving differentsections of the society into the industry.

The availability of credits andeasy financing has enhanced the growth. (Ajay & Reena , 2007;Malya & Anindya, 2013).


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