Today’sdiverse and competitive economic environment organizations tend to outperformsfor their sustainability and expansion through maximization of profits. Organizationalgoals are met through excellence of employees output, when are aligned withtheir career growth and benefits. Employees use their personal and jobresources to do every task of their job description efficiently. Workengagement is achieved when both employers and employees take care of eachother’s interest and create an environment of consultation and contributionthrough every possible manner.

Employers in organization provide resources thatare essential for completion of task and employees perform according to thestandards. As far as proactive behavior, hard work and innovation are concernedit comes from dedication and motivation of employees. When employees consider their responsibilityand start performing for the best of organization it creates sense of owning,they feel as they are something to organization and organization make them feelthe same. Here comes the motivation to accomplish every task with perfectionand results oriented.

If Employees have independence to design their working environmentthey do every task happily. This factor of designing tasks and workingenvironment cover the improvement gaps every time. Ultimately dedication bringssense of hardworking which leads to innovation of routine tasks and even newproject.

In this context Employers provide feedback to employees on performanceregarding any improvement and effectiveness of the procedure. Throughconstructive response employees are always welcoming to go for extra miles forwell being of organization. By this work engagement penetrates at work place asit is for the well being of employees and organization where they are working.

It depicts the positive attitude of employees for taking initiatives regardingproblem solving and independence of doing work. Thus employees get motivatedthrough independent working environment and development of new skills throughimprovement and problem solving. Motivation regarding job is what let someoneto do tasks happily and keeps on pursuing. It’s only possible when someone withparticular skills set have independence of designing work, working environmentand work engagement at organization.Problem Statement:Inorganization employees are as important as their running processes areessential for production and capturing market with their products. If employeesare not independent of designing working environment they get bored of workingwith same routine and they lose interest in performance. Employees always seekthe opportunities of learning new things and they want to be empowered oftaking self initiatives for problem solving. Work engagement is related tomotivation as employees build their interest through it.

If workforce is notengaged in working conditions it also causes burnout of skills in them after atime period.Research Objectives:Today wesee motivation at workplace is a catalyst which brings change and improvementby repetition of doing work with whole heart. When working line is happy withtheir design of job and workplace they put an extra effort to make better theirroutine tasks. So this study examines that for organizations to find therelationship of factors which brings innovation and improvement throughmotivation by redesigning a job environment and making employees more dedicatedto work and workplace.Research question:There arefollowing questions regarding this study that need to be answered as givenbelow:-1.

     Is there any relationship of job crafting and workengagement to the motivation of employees at workplace?2.     Does job crafting and work engagement respondpositively to the motivation of employees?Scope of the study:This studywill emphasize on introduction of measures that need to be implemented byproviding the opportunity to the employees of both public and private sectororganization to perform efficiently and effectively. Here academic sectoremployees are addressed by all means instructors and people linked toadministration will be focused. As they do tasks that are defined to accomplishi.e. teaching method, designing course outline, syllabus, office environment,class scheduling, exams arrangements, office hour’s meetings, admissionprocesses, financial controls etc.

Academia plays are a vital role in nation building;if people linked to it are motivated and authorized to change their workingenvironment they can introduce new things for students which will do the partof shaping thinking process, career building and pay back contribution tosociety. 


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