To start off, I want to tell you that kids should be able to play football. I am going to tell you three reasons why. They will be Health benefits, It teaches you lessons, and Teamwork. I hope you pick kids should be aloud to play football.The first, reason is Health benefits. For example ¨3 million age 6-14 children can play. This shows¨ that all kids can get healthy. I know I want to get healthy by playing sports and exercising. The second example is Research Shows athletes. This shows” that athletes know how to keep them healthy. I know a lot of people know how to keep themselves healthy. The last example is studies show that being physically active through football lowers body fat. This shows” you can lose weight. I know i want to lose weight. Those are all the examples of health benefits I hope you sign up. next reason is, teaches you lessons, For example it teaches you teamwork. This shows, “that you learn to work together” I know to appreciate others when it comes to teamwork. The next example is it teaches you responsibility, perseverance, and leadership. This shows that it teaches you important stuff in life. I know that you have to know these things to do lots of things. The last example is you get teached that exercise and energy is good for your body. Those are all the examples for it teaches you lessons.The last reason is teamwork. For example  teamwork includes leadership, responsibility, and perseverance. This shows that teamwork is a good thing to have. I know i like teamwork. The next example is that you work together to accomplish things like winning. That shows that you want to appreciate teamwork. The last example is you can get friends by showing teamwork.  This shows that people must have friends that show teamwork. I know you must want to show teamwork know.Critics may say no because people get hurt, But  how it’s safer than other sports. So that’s how picked kids should be able to play.Those are all three reasons why kids should play football and three examples for each of them. They were Health benefits, Teaches you lessons, and Teamwork. I hope you pick kids should play football.


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