To conclude, eventhough some people may lessen the beneficial use of traditional medicine,traditional medicine has made the life of many people easier.

Many countrieshave made laws about the use of this type of medicine, and that ensure us aboutthe importance of traditional medicine’s role in our lives.The thirdadvantage of traditional medicine over modern medicine is that the former isless costly. For example, when a patient is admitted to the hospital for thetreatment of urinary tract infection, an intravenous antibiotic should beestablished which is costly. Every patient costs the hospital 300-500 JOD/ day.Moreover, in the USA every patient costs the ministry of health or theinsurance around 1000 $ per day.   The secondadvantage of traditional medicine is that it is more acceptable than modernmedicine.

In China, the population is more than one billion; they have hugeresources for the treatment of this number of patients. Traditional medicinewas used there for more than 6000 years ago, and now it is governed by laws.There are medical institutes and hospitals which are based solely ontraditional medicine. Furthermore, the patient in traditional medicine has abasic and positive role in the treatment process, the practitioner tells thepatient to follow certain behavior in his daily living according to thepatient’s preferences in order for the treatment to be effective. While inmodern medicine the patient’s role is just to obey and follow the physician’sinstructions, regardless of the patient’s preferences.

Also, in modernmedicine, a lot of physicians use medical jargon, while in traditionalmedicine, the practitioners use simple language.  The firstadvantage of traditional medicine is that it is more available than modernmedicine. It is more reachable as well. As one-third of the population indeveloping countries lack access to essential medicines, traditional medicineis providing a good source for these people. Germany is an example of a countrythat values this type of medicine. It has the highest percentage of usingtraditional medicine, and it exists as a part of the law for pharmacy practice.

 Although somepeople may point that traditional medicine is old fashioned and outdated,people who still use this type of medicine is being increased globally. In thelast decade, there has been renewed attention and interest in the use oftraditional medicine worldwide. In developed countries, traditional medicine isbecoming more popular.

For example, the percentage of the population that hasused such medicines at least once is 48% in Australia, 31% in Belgium, 70% inCanada, 49% in France and 42% in the United States of America (World healthorganization ,2003). Traditional medicine has much more benefits over modernmedicine.


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