To startwith, culture is the sum total of shared products of society, material as wellas nonmaterial (Ian Robertson). Culture describes a particular set oftraditions, ideas and social behavior of a group of people in a society.Culture is important because it characterizes the evolutionary existence/identity as it provides people with the knowledge of their ancestral values andgives us the very meaning of life. The American culture is a diverse, uncommonmelting pot, commenced by the rapid European annexation of enormous territoriessparsely inhabited by various indigenous peoples (Suzana Carmen Cismas). Buthow the American culture impacts the global framework? The answer is simple:American soft power.

The Britishsociety was influenced, but not fully shaped, by American popular culture. TheAmerican impact on Europe is related to increased globalization. Therefore, itis important to determine the elements of the current situation in order toperceive the concept of Americanization.

The notion of ‘Americanization’ is akind of unilateral cultural imperialism (Kjartan Thommesen ). At the same timeas Americanization started to be recognized, the trend of globalization wasnoticed. Americanization as a term has concerned many nations and cultures andhas an ample influence on British culture. However, how is British culture affected byAmerican?According to Barthin (1998) images of America are so pervasive globally thatemigrate to the world allowing people to pursue being Americans even in distantcultures like British. The tunes of Britain have become American songs, andmany types of American music have invaded into British such as jazz and swing.

Througha wide range of genres, America has become the supreme leader of modern music. USAhas constructed the way people listen to music. Moreover, there is a notableAmerican cultural effect on media and films. Why does America have such reach in these media leadingaffecting Britain? The answer is simple: market and innovation. The American culture has also gained British audience. Certainly, America’scultural influence through films has been surprisingly powerful. Just the word”Hollywood” shows the dominance of American culture in movies, movies that became popular, admired andbeloved in British culture.

To move on,one of the most important sector of culture is language and cultural identity. Language and cultural identity are steadilyaltered by globalization and by the increasing impact of the American cultureand technological progress implemented worldwide. According to Daniela Popescu(2011), British English has been effected by American English since the 17thcentury and this influence has been present in different fields of activityincluding everyday vocabulary, food, conversational words and phrases, expressions,euphemisms, politics, economics etc.  Throughobvious amount American English has progressively replaced the British languageas the established international standard (Americanisms).

Indeed, it has evenmade inroads into British English itself, replacing words like “film” with”movie” (Northon M.,2017).  Worth mentioningis also 


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