To learn and research about new and evolved medicines and treatments, researchers are beginning to use embryo stem cells to study and learn more about people and diseases. The only issue with the research is the way you have to acquire the embryo stem cells. The only way to get the stem cells is by taking already fertilized eggs and experimenting on them and killing the potential babies before they can be born. So either there is a potential baby untouched, or a chance to cure or treat a dangerous disease, what would you choose. WIth the option of having embryo stem cells available, scientists can conduct special experiments that wouldn’t be possible on livings humans. The best researches can be be conducted with these cells such as chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. The work may seems like it could be hurting others, but it’s truly the only way to get the important cells for cancer and other major medical treatments. There are many benefits to the treatments with low risk because the kids aren’t even truly 100% going to be born. The other side of embryo stem cell research is that, the only way to get the cells is from abortion or left over donated fertilized eggs. That means there are potential babies waiting to be born in those eggs, being killed for the research. A child never getting to be born just for a research that isn’t even guaranteed to work. Imagine if you were one of the eggs just randomly selected to be experimented, well you wouldn’t be able to because you would have never lived to begin with. Where do you stand on the question? Would you rather kill a potential baby for critical health treatments, or have a chance of that egg becoming a living human? To me, the eggs aren’t even guaranteed to birth a child and the treatments could save so many lives. Would you rather use one potential baby to research or save up to hundreds of thousands already living, breathing, and people that have families to pass from deadly illnesses? I just imagine how much more grief could be brought on by leaving a condition untouched, than if someone chose to abort a child or donated their own eggs to search. After hearing my sides of the story what do you think about the whole situation? Do you find it ethical or right to use these cells for research, or find it just plain cruel? Embryonic stem cells are a very valuable and truly still unknown asset to enhancing our medicine and treatments for the future, thus we should continue to use them.


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