“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Author Ralph Waldo Emerson.The world is full of hate and negativity, so when you decide you’re okay with who you are then it’s one of the best feelings in the world. In this society, they’ll try to change you in every shape of form until they think you’re perfect. Everyone’s more comfortable with what there familiar with.

And if you decide to fall in their trap, you will lose your originality and creativity. We live in a world drawn out in a way to make us all out as followers.I completely agree with Emerson, I seen so many ads about how to lose weight or make your skin complexion lighter etc, It’s very upsetting seeing these products come out knowing people are going to buy them. So they can please the society. Everyone has flaws and society teaches us that it’s not okay to have flaws.

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We all think we were born to please others, but in reality were here to live, we dont need anyones approval for that. Staying true to yourself is one of the best feelingsSocial media is one of the biggest places where anyone can go to become someone their not. We spend so much time on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook etc. In our own little realtily posting pictures, writing comments and updating status about what we’re doing or when were doing it. And seeing how many likes we got or how many followers we have. Social media has so much peer pressure to become someone you’re not. It has affect us in so many ways.

Going on social media you dont know whats true or false. It’s this big mind controlling atmosphere to be someone you’re not.Overall, Everyone should be themselves and have their own individuality.I believe staying independent and to live in the present. Outside influence will only mess with your vision and make you someone who your not. All these celebrities who we claim as “Perfect” also have just as much flaws as anyone does.

They make mistakes and bad decisions everyday. With social media now, Emerson quote is even more powerful. The quote itself has so much purpose and meaning to it.


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