To get the enemy to trust them spies often used covers and disguises for example, Nathan Hale disguised himself as a dutch school master. Spies from Great Britain would go to the 13 colonies and try to obtain information regarding battle plans, location of troops, and weaponry. The spies would report back to their commander and tell them the information that they found out. Some spies had limited training and were basically just volunteers that believed in their cause. Life was hard for some spies like Nathan Hale or Abraham Woodhull, and Anna Strong. All those spies were executed meaning they were caught and killed.

Some of them were executed by being whipped or hung. For humiliation, the spies that were caught, were hung in front of a lot of other people. But did you know that spies during the Revolutionary war used different techniques to get information to their commanders?     Tricky Techniques During the American Revolution, spycraft comprised of a system of hidden networks, science, close relationships, cunningness and risk taking. Spies used different techniques to figure out plans for their team.

One form of secret writing used by both sides of the war was using Invisible Ink. This was a mixture of ferrous sulfate and water. They wrote with Invisible Ink in between the lines of an innocent letter. The person receiving the letter would hold it over a flame such as a candle and then reveal the secret message.You might think that hidden letters means letters hidden in different places to make words, but actually it’s secret messages and notes that were rolled up and placed in small silver balls or other containers. One unlucky british spy named Daniel Taylor, swallowed his silver ball when he was caught by the continental army. Patriot soldiers made him vomit up the ball with a purgative drink so they could read the message.

Determined to give the message to his commander, Taylor tried to swallow the ball again but failed and had to give the ball to the continental army. He was later hanged on October 16, 1777. Have you heard of Nathan Hale? He hid valuable information in his shoes!        Nathan Hale – Secret Agent There were many important spies during The American Revolution, such as Nathan Hale, Anna Strong, and Nancy Hart. Nathan Hale was one of America’s most famous spies. He was famous for the phrase that he stated at the gallows ” I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country”. Hale volunteered to go behind the British lines on September 8, 1776. A few days later, September 12, 1776, Hale crossed the British lines and disguised himself as a Dutch school teacher.

After obtaining and then giving the information to General George Washington, Hale returned to the American lines on September 21, 1776 but he was unfortunately captured by the British. Hale was hung at the age of 21. His words made an incredible impact on his fellow compatriots. Hale is considered a American hero because of his dedication and willingness to sacrifice himself for his country and his beliefs.     ConclusionThere are many stories of different spies and their accomplishments during the American Revolution. We are thankful for heroes such as Nathan Hale, Anna Strong, and Nancy Hart.

Spies used various methods to protect their information such as Invisible Ink and hidden letters. Overall with the help of cunning and brave spies, the war was won and we are able to live free today.


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