To Whomsoever It May ConcernItgives me true pleasure to recommend Vaibhav Anand for admission to youruniversity.

Being his English teacher, I have taught Vaibhav for two years (ineleventh and twelfth grades) and so must I confess that he has remained one ofthe exceptional students among all those I have taught in seven years of myteaching experience.  Asfar as academic is concerned, he has embodied an exceptional character ofstrong inquisition and industriousness in learning which has gained himsignificant academic success in his school years and securing an aggregate of89% in his matriculation. His keen interest in working on computer projectswith a careful and a creative eye, his devotion to logic and his curiosity todwell on the depth of programming had made him a true analyst in the worlds ofcomputer. Iwould also mention about him beyond academics. Vaibhav is a very humble and asensitive child. He has a focused approach towards life, and his determinationto achieve his goals will make him attain greater heights in his life. Duringmy two years of teaching him, I have discovered Vaibhav to be perseverant,action-oriented and enthusiastic in whatever work he chooses to do.

 Keepingin mind the circumstances through which he has gone that otherwise would havebroken the spirits of any other person, Vaibhav faced it courageously and withmuch maturity. The sudden demise of his father one day before his final MathsBoard exam in twelfth grade could have a setback for him. But I must professwith pride that Vaibhav did not lose his spirit of life instead faced thesituation with much maturity.  A child like him is a blessing in disguise,and definitely, there is no reason one could need to recommend him. Henceforthconsidering his sterling qualities of dedication, perseverance, endurance andalso the excruciating times this boy has undergone, I kindly entrust yourreputed Institute to give Vaibhav a preference over other students to admissionin your university.  


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