To PresidentFranklin D. Roosevelt:             My name is Elizabeth Greyson, awoman who has lost all hope to seize a future and make a living for herself. Itis no doubt that our nation is severely under waters during the turn of theGreat Depression- politically, economically, and furthermore, unfortunately, evenmorally. For years and years, women have been belittled and lacked the platform,as to even exclaim their opinions for their civil rights.

As a woman living inthis time period, I could not fathom how America has globally become known as acountry filled with opportunities where people from all over the world migrateto the United States in search for a finer future, but yet, still lack thefactors to provide for all. This Great Depression has struck all Americans,impacting us individually with no limits, continuously attacking us until wefalter to the grounds. As a woman with a family to provide for, I thought thatthere was absolutely no hope to cultivate myself from years and years of beingsuppressed-until you came along. President Roosevelt, I am writing to you inorder to express my thoughts and thankfulness for your proposal of the NewDeal.

            During your inauguration, the UnitedStates was still in a rut, experiencing the worst economic blockade our poornation has ever faced. You, along with your wise administration, were able toconjure up a series of relief for this weak and indisposed country of ours. Yourprogram required a new government agency where individuals who were trained insocial work was needed to carry out the New Deal. In this case, women were themajority who were trained in social working and were essential towardsestablishing your goal. This opened up a wide array of opportunities for uswomen, opening doors for us to seek a job out of the ordinary standards setupon us in the government.

To me, this was more than just a well-paying job,but rather, it was more of a paved way for myself and a much brighter futurealong the line. I knew that supporting you would only do good for my family andme. I was able to attain a government position as a social worker, and wasproud to associate myself along with this monumental time in history where awoman rather than a man, was a key piece to carry out your New Deal, PresidentRoosevelt. This not only created a stable environment formy children, but provided a new attitude towards us women. I knew that this wasthe beginning for us. Women continuously emerged from this point forward.

Although there were still barriers encrypting upon us, a new attitude portrayedus women. We stopped being undermined for our gender, and was viewed as keypotentials into saving one of the hardest and toughest times our nation hasgrown to endure. By the end of the 1930’s decade, women held fifty-five majorpositions in the government that aided you one step closer into relieving our nationfrom this Great Depression. Throughout countless years of being suppressed of evenhaving a voice, I was able to create a stance for myself where my opinions wereheard, and for once- mattered.

            President Roosevelt, I would notonly like to express my endless thanks to you, but to your wife as well. TheFirst Lady, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, created a pathway to many such as my sister.Due to her perseverance and efforts into creating opportunities for woman suchas holding weekly woman-only conferences, women were finally about to seek ajob as a journalist, which has been my sister’s dream job for many years butwas not able to do so because of the many hindrances that came along with it.These weekly conferences educated me furthermore about political issues. Shenot only took the time to reach out to us women, but also fought vigorously forwomen’s rights such as our working conditions, encouraging myself to never giveup.  For once in my life, all thanks regardto you and your dear wife, I felt like I belonged in a community- a feelingthat I have never felt my entire life.

            Although the coming of the New Dealcreated and immense change to women everywhere, there still are challenges thathead upon us. 


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