Toachieve its targets, this research was outlined as a qualitative study.Theaccumulation of rich information permitted the context in which the instructorscarried out motivational teaching technique, and how learners detailed theimpactofthese techniques on their motivation, to be considered. Qualitative researchgenerateboth exploratory and illustrative clarification (Hesse-Biber and Leavy,2006) Allthe more particularly, this qualitative research utilized case study techniquein request to contextualize the study inside the genuine condition of Libyancolleges classroom (Yin, 2003).The study was prepared with the dataaccumulated. In the first place the members of the research were asked andchosen, at that point the semi-structured interview was made to assemble data.Out of the data accumulate and the understanding picked up the place of theinfluence of the motivation on the success in advanced education was inquiredabout. In the next sections, the interview questions are recorded and inaddition the reactions of the members. The particular reasons why theexamination concentrated vigorously in returning to specific informationassembled amid the investigation was to guarantee that the exploration questionswere precisely and adequately replied.

.ResearchMethod The methodutilized as a part of this examination was a semi-structured interview, to pickup knowledge using solace and casualness that is given by a semi-structuredinterview .Semi-structured interviews were collected with four EFL educatorsand four EFL students. This sort was structure the interviews on the groundsthat, as say prior, it enables the interviewer to set rule questions and in themeantime, it permits elaboration on valuable data (Mackey and Gass, 2005).The principle points of the follow-up interviews were to build up an inside andout comprehension of participants’ perspectives about influences of motivationon EFL students, and to reinforce the discoveries of the investigation.

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The interview rules were produced to address the research questions. Theyexplore the impacts of motivation on EFL student from the points of view ofinstructors and students, and analyze the explanations for the significance ofsome motivational teaching pursuit.  DataCollection Instrument Thedata-collection instrument utilized as a part of this investigation was asemi-structured interviews   Students andinstructors were engaged in this study,the instrument that utilized as a partof the examination are clarified top to bottom in the following segments. Extradata is given on  semi-structuredinterview the configuration utilized and interview questions utilized inwardsthe research . Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the validity of thestudy the following segments gives all instruments utilized inside theinvestigation to guarantee that the investigation can be reproduced later on tocheck the discoveries.Semi-StructuredInterview Below is the interview questions, a semi-structuredinterview is conducted through the use of a set of interviewed questions thatare used as a guide. the interview questions were semi-structured. All the lecturers and students were asked thesame questions which were tape-recorded for later analysis.

This was done inorder to provide valid and reliable data. Macmillan and Schumacher (1993:14).Semi-structured interview permits investigation perspectives and sentiments.Because of the extent of the study, the perspectives and views of the teacherswere critical to the examination. The investigation concentrates on theinfluences of motivation on success among EFL classes within the Libyancontext, along these lines the perspectives of the instructors and studentswere vital to the research. The educators and students  responses gave key data to specific parts ofthe part of motivation in learning process in Libya which gave establishmentsto induce certain confinements. Semi structure interview  method was the best and best appropriate forthis study, because of these purposes the manner was chosen and utilized.

InterviewQuestionsI have formallymasterminded request related to the impact of motivation on success in EFLclasses  in Libya. The interview wasorganized specifically ask for, using clear dialect and direct words. Eachtaking an interest educators’ responses and comments were considered whilegathering the data of the survey.

The request were carefully planned to coverparts of the impact of motivation and the types of motivationThe followinginterview questions were utilized as a part of the investigation to gather theperspectives of the teachers and students Research Questions§  What factors influence motivation ? §  Are EFL undergraduate Libyan students ofEnglish instrumentally or integratively motivated to study English?  §  Does success influence motivation or does motivation influencesuccess ? why Participants The quantity of participants in the following interviews was eight:four EFL teachers and four EFL students. Toensure the instructors identities and data, the instructors will be numbered1-8 and their gender will be uncovered to distinguish every educator. Theparticipants are very much experienced educator in the field of EFL. Theinstructors were requested to take an interest in the study to give furtherunderstanding to the place of the impact of motivation on success  in advanced education .There are two solicitous with the quantity of members in this phaseof the research. To begin with, it is recognized that the quantity ofparticipants is few; be that as it may, it was hard to orchestrate interviewswith more members inside the time imperatives and the conditions of theparticipants.

Second, the investigators planned to interview with fourinstructor and four understudies from Al?MergibCollege. Nonetheless, in. The following table shows the number of participants infollow-up interviews  Data Collection ProcessThe data combination process was as per thefollowing, the interview questions were drafted utilizing scholarly examinationdone in part 2. one by one the participants were met and interviewed  the responses was recorded. subsequent therecord responses were dissected and the vital points of interest containedinside the reactions were composed. The information was recorded andanalyzed  through a drawn out stretch oftime to consider the data to be contrasted and the data assembled fromalternate sections. At that point in the long run a conclusion was drawn fromthe information gathered.  Data AnalysisThe fundamental purpose of theinvestigation is to examine the place that impact of motivation in EFL classesin an advanced education setting.

Out of the responses assembled analysis ofmotivation  with regards to its impactwas preformed. Understanding picked up from the teachers is examined throughthe data picked up from section 2. The effectiveness of motivation on thestudent’s performance in the class  canbe viewed utilizing the effects that motivation has students capacities oflearning a foreign language. Ethical ConsiderationsIt is an investigator’s obligation to ensure theinterests of its participants and to keep away from unintended negative impacts toward theentrant both amid and following the current examination. I abide to moral rulesand guaranteed that the interests of learners  educators and EFL instructors, the members ofthis research, were not hurt as an aftereffect of taking an interest in thisresearch .These rules included: increasingeducated assent, keeping up privacy of the members, and imparting results tothe intrigued participants. Additionally moral regards, for example, thelegitimacy, reliability, validity and credibility of this investigation wasincorporated. Dependability or validity of research is an essential thought fora qualitative study.

Guba as referred to in Shenton (2004).Suggest four standards that ought to be considered by qualitative investigatorsin guaranteeing the dependability of a qualitative study. Each of thestandards, conformability transferability, validity and trustworthiness isportrayed in the following segment.ValidityI have carried outthis study to the best of my capacities with utilization of legitimate and allaround reported assets.

The provenances utilized as a part of the investigationare scholarly sources with appropriate documentation and legitimate data.Legitimacy of the provenances utilized were resolved utilizing the quantity ofreference the source had.     Reliability  To the best of myinsight, the data in the research is legitimate and dependable.

Furthermore,the provenances that were utilized as a part of the accompanying study areconfirmed and scholarly provenances to guarantee the accuracy of the conductedresearch . Credibility  The believability of this exploration isconfirmed by the establishment. I express that the data found in the researchhas been looked into and formed  with thebest of my capacity and understanding .


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