To whom it may concern:I have known Ömer for about 5 years. I was his math teacher in the class and mathematics olympiad teacher outside the class. With his great conscience and determination, Ömer demonstrated tremendous growth throughout the year and became the inspiration for his friends with both his hard work and personality. He has that combination of a positive attitude and the belief that he can always improve that’s rare in a high school student but so essential to the learning process. I am sure that he will continue to do his works with this same commitment and attention. I strongly recommend Ömer for admission to your college.

He was also the reason why I was at Fatih High School of Science. With his great desire to study olympiad, he had convinced the school administration to conduct olympiad studies professionally and prepare them for International Olympiad in Mathematics(IMO), therefore I was invited. I accepted the offer especially because of the presence of such a person and passionate young men with him.

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He is respected by his peers and known for his great personality and academic success in the school community.He welcomed the challenges olympiad brought. He challenged his mind deeply with the olympiad’s complex problems. Due to all his hard work, he became very successful. He truly demonstrated a growth mindset, and he inspired his peers to adopt that valuable perspective, too. His presence always gave his friends a confidence.

His great sense of humor made hard lectures of olympiad enjoyable both for me and others. I didn’t see such a student in my lifetime that people around are that much bounded to.Due to the conflicts in our country, the way to IMO was closed for Ömer and his friends. I know that his dream was to be a great economist to bring real solutions to real problems of our day.

To achieve that he wanted to study at the US and beyond being his passion, mathematics olympiad was also a great indicator of his success. But of course, this isn’t the only indicator of the success. Therefore, he didn’t give up and prepared for the National University Entrance Exam at which he became 34th that is enough to prove his intelligence, and his ability to achieve anything if he focuses on.

I also know that he rejected all the offers in Turkey to go to US. The decision he made was very criticised at the time. But simultaneously, every people knew that if Ömer is going for something he will get it.Because of our close relationship outside the school, I know that he financed his entire preparation process from his savings and with very little help from his parents which prevented him from taking standardized tests more than once and preparing with high-quality resources. I know see that despite the difficulties he faced for about 2 years, he successfully managed the process until today and have no doubt that he will also be very successful at college.Ömer is a gifted, trustworthy, humorous and helpful student and friend who supports others in and out of the classroom. He was a pleasure to have in class, and his positiveattitude and confidence in himself, even in the face of difficulty, is an immensely admirable asset.

I’m confident that he will continue to demonstrate the same diligence, perseverance, and optimism that he showed to us. I strongly recommend this brilliant individual for admission to your undergraduate program in Economics. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.Sincerely,Hüseyin Ra?a


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