TITLE:  Tribaleducation – a fine balanceTribaluniversity at rajpipla.ABSTRACT:    As urbanisation increased, tribal people did not evolve, rather gotisolated. Within the narrow confines preserving to a longer extent theirancient pattern of living. where, ignorance and illiteracy made the conditionsmore difficult. Education is not only a key of development but also helps tribesin meeting the new challenges of life.

tribal are linked with the backwardnessof these areas, poverty and integration of rest of the population. the researchtalks about the existing conditions of tribal and covering the issue relatedtheir poor literacy. This project will support in development of tribal andwill helpful to restore their own culture and upgrade economic as well.MOTIVATION:   Sincechildhood, researcher had observed that equality in education is not there.

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Where it becomes a obstacle for people or community or region to develop. So,Equality –education – provision of opportunities for all individual and enoughcapable to accept the changes. Than only country or nation can be developed.   BACKGROUND:     India is a vivid countrycomprising a staggering variety of culture and communities, tribal are mosteconomically underprivileged in our country. Where tribal are Occupying aspecial geographic territory and being independent of a having a little contactwith the dominant national society. Tribal are rich in culture and skill ofarts but lacking behind with the higher education, transaction and interactionwith world. Literacy ratio is low.

education will benefit the entire economy ofGujarat. This avenue will upgrade the economic and social status of tribal, builtself-confidence, personal growth, sustained development in wellbeing. and promotingeducation for all, Gujarat government has proposed a tribal university.  This projects support the technical educationas well as tribal art and culture forest eco activities and tourism.PROBLEM STATEMENT:    The present age ofglobalization the world has shrunk into a village as the society has advancedin technology.

But the tribes, who are the custodians of Indian culture in realsense, are far behind in this race of advancement. They have hardly interactionor communication with world, lacking of education. A platform where they canhave opportunities for higher education and chance to get update with moderntechnology. Project will provide a courses related to tribal art and culture.this help to generate an economy for tribal people without leaving theirhometown. opportunities for all individual and enough capable to accept thechanges.AIM:Education is a major enable for empowermentfor all.

as skill based education will endure proper employment opportunity.Where development oriented to both people and organization growth. Initiativesto educate them and brings out the bleak picture that bedevil this neglectedsegment.OBJECTIVES:·        providing more opportunities for tribes.

·        Research facilities in tribal art, tradition,culture, languages, customs, forest based economic activities.·        Collaborate with national and internationalprogramme.·        Giving an idea about modern world.·        Not to leave them in the same condition asthey lived before.·        Train and build up a team of their own peopleto do the work of administration and development. DESIGNPROJECTTribaluniversity – the project would provide development stage where they can learnor develop their skill in tribal art, languages, medicines and culture.

alsoproviding higher education to tribes.METHADOLOGY:study of tribalin regard of the life style by interviewing them.Study oflocation of tribal and areas. Study ofproblem, issues and solutionsStudy of casestudyStudy of sitestudyConceptualdesignDevelopment ofdesign.LITERATURE REVIEW:www.culturalsurvival.orghttp://www.igntu.

ac.inIndira Gandhinational tribal university, amarkatank ,Madhya Pradesh provide a platform for higher education to tribalchildren. http://indiatoday.intoday.inarticle about Gujaratgovernment proposal about tribal university.


gujarat.gov.in/statics data for tribal population in district,taluka and literacy ratio.

government proposal about tribaluniversity.Tribaldevelopment – an introduction, chapter 1Tribal introductionand development approach importantfeatures, functions programmes andactivities of tribal Cooperative Corporation, in general and tribal CooperativePrimary Marketing Society in particular. article presents the major findings ofthe study based on the results of the survey and offers some suggestions topromote the functioning and performance of tribal Cooperation.

Governmentof Gujarat tribal development departmentTribaluniversity act,2017IOSR journalof economics and finance, volume 3Challengingissues of tribal education in India. A brief study in order to highlight whathas been done in the main field. Status of tribal population in India. Statethat problem in tribal education is medium of languages, location of village,economic conditions, teacher related problems, lack of opportunity.http://orissadiary.com/ https://kiss.

ac.in/about/The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences is aresidential institute for tribal people based in Bhubaneswar,India. It provides accommodation, study, career development, and healthcare to25,000 tribal students each year at its integrated residential campus locatedin Bhubaneswar.

Its students are educated from class 1 to post-graduate levelat the KISS school and the associated KISS college for higher education.http://www.hindustantimes.comhttp://www.

thehindu.comThe problem of tribal educationTribal Study about gond cast ,literacy ratio ,problem statement, talkingabout scenario since independence in Andhra Pradesh.CASE STUDIES:IndiraGandhi national tribal university ,Madhya PradeshIGNTU for imparting education and training;conducting research; giving consultancy and working for community extensionactivities. All these efforts lead to provide impetus for preservation oftribal heritage and culture aiming for sustainable development of tribal life.Special emphasis is given on each course curriculum directly & indirectlylinked with the tribal life and culture.

  Kalingainstitute of social science .BhubaneshwarThe Kalinga Institute ofSocial Sciences (KISS) IS  aresidential institute for tribal people based in Bhubaneswar, India. It providesaccommodation, study, career development, and healthcare to 25,000 tribalstudents each year at its integrated residential campus located in Bhubaneswar.Its students are educated from class 1 to post-graduate level at the KISSschool and the associated KISS college for higher education.Aadivasiacademy –Bhasha research centre ,chota udaipur The academy isstudy of tribal history, music ,arts and theatre. Whit its measures, theacademy is striving to create a new approach of academic activism.

EXPECTED OUTCOMES:Problem: lack of highereducation in tribes and a base where they can learn or explore their skill.Analysis: tribes+development +education  where developmentstage for their early stage of acceptance should be their along with the educationplatform.Solution: Tried to connecttraditional indigenous knowledge with science .SCOPE:The scope tostudy of tribal and tribal life style, Related with issue or concerns, and generate a revenue for tribalpeople  considering all aspects and studyshould be uplift meant of   tribal,should not end within  interactive spacefor both rural and urban.ABOUT THE SITE:Tribaluniversity proposal at jitnagar village , Rajpipla narmada district.CONCLUSION:Will be a individual approach in whicharchitecture represent a base to develop tribal skill ,talent and theireducation level in a peaceful and creative way. Easy access and moreopportunities should be provided to the tribal, in order to bring them inmainstream of economic development as well.


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