Title: What Does An AML Cure Without Transplant Entail?Niche: MedicalI think Cancer is that one word that scares the hell out of every person on this earth, be it rich or poor, young or old or just about anybody. It has turned in to an epidemic of our times that too of a staggering proportion, considering the recent number of the people being affected by it. And if one somehow manages to dodge the bullet, the pain inflicting process of chemo and radiation is enough to send chills down the spine. Hence, in an attempt to avoid all the side effects and pain, many people are resorting to all natural ways of curing cancer especially in cases like Acute Myeloid Leukaemia where doctor’s resort to a combination of transplant and aggressive chemo for treatment which is very hard on the patients.

On the contrary, natural treatments prove to be a blessing in most of the cases. Although there effects vary from person to person, they have zero side effects and boost the immune system. So let’s get started.

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1.     Cannabis Oil Treatment Now, many people don’t believe it but medical studies have proven that cannabis is effective when it comes to treating CLL and other forms of Leukaemia. It carries one of the major cannabinoids called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which kills cancer cells. If not anything else, it helps in reducing and managing nausea, vomiting and dizziness and stimulates appetite. That probably is the reason why many states have approved the medical marijuana treatment of cancer. Many might not believe it but people like Elias Cooper and Mykayla are a testimony that it does work. Elias is a CLL survivor who was diagnosed in 2011.

By 2013, his condition was continually deteriorating and Chemotherapy was his last resort. That’s when his wife started looking for all natural options and treatments online and came across ‘Brave Mykayla’s’ story which lead them to life-saving cannabis oil. He was on it instantly and after just about 6 weeks of initial tiredness; he was able to get back to being his normal self. His white blood count was down by thousands in just a matter of months and there was a visible change in his condition. By opting for this all natural treatment he was able to retain his quality of life as well, which would have been next to impossible if he would have opted for chemotherapy. Unlike with Chemo, treating cancer naturally also reduces its chances of coming back.

2.     Nutrition Therapy- A dietary makeover In many cases, a complete diet turnover has even helped patients fight cancer successfully. And it makes sense considering all the junk food and processed products we consume on a daily basis these days, we are bound to be having a nutrition deficiency. But making small changes and incorporating a lot healthy food and leafy vegetables is the key. All thanks to this nutritional therapy and healthy eating habits many patients like David Lingle were able to cure AML without a transplant. Diagnosed in 2011, he turned vegan as soon as he found out about his disease. He made sure he checked his Ph levels regularly and incorporated baking soda in his diet to maintain it.

Also, he would often take Maitake capsules which help build and boost the immune system. The 3 meals were all healthy and full of minerals and vitamins and were followed by a cup of green tea. His diet also had a lot of smoothies and raw veggies. David also made sure he included some physical activity in his routine. So, would often take up garden work or would walk his dog for about 30 minutes. All these steps helped him build immunity and hence gave his body a chance to beat cancer on its own.

After following this routine strictly for a while, he went for a routine check up where his doctors informed him that he was almost through, I quote” he was half way there” to be exact. 3.     The Laetrile TreatmentFor years medical experts have been debating if Laetrile works in favour of cancer or not. Whatever might be the case, it has worked for many people and that is what counts.

So basically, Laetrile also called B-17 is an enzyme that is present everywhere in the body except for cancer cells, whereas Beta-Glucosidase is an enzyme which is present in and around the cancer cells. The glucose delivers B-17 to the cancer cells and because they do not have the required enzyme to neutralise its effect, cancer cells release Benzaldehyde and Cyanide, which is equal to poison for cancer. This leads to the natural death of cancer cells and hence acts like a natural chemo.

One of the most abundant sources of B-17 is raw apricot seeds and apricot kernels and many cancer patients are opting for those these days. 4.     The Budwig ProtocolDeveloped by Dr Johanna Budwig, the Budwig protocol follows a particular diet that gets rid of all the toxins and processed fats and oils that destroy the cells and causes many deadly diseases like Cancer. In this particular diet, the processed fats and oils are replaced by natural saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

Including a lot of cottage cheese which is rich in sulphur protein and flaxseed oil, flaxseeds that is a great source of electron rich unsaturated fats are combined, our body absorbs nutrients faster which helps the patients beat the disease naturally.There’s modern take on this recipe as well, which has worked wonders for leukaemia patients. If consumed regularly. Combine 6 oz. of Cultured Dairy, 4 Tbsp of sprouted Chia or Flax, 1 Tbsp of Flaxseed Oil and 1 tsp of turmeric powder with 1/4 tsp of black pepper.

Mix all the ingredients well and consume the mixture every day. 5.     Vitamin C Chelation The ‘Chelate’ basically means to grab something, so basically in this therapy all the toxins are grabbed and thrown out of your body. Although, not an approved therapy many people are opting for it these days due to its high success rate.

 It starts working instantly and is highly pro-oxidant which in turn destroy tumour cells. Hence, working its magic. From all the natural cures listed above, there’s something that is pretty clear that cancer is caused when your body is deprived of necessary nutrients.  So, instead of repenting later, after bearing so much pain and spending half your worth, why not start working towards it today. Make a conscious effort to eat healthy, exercise regularly, incorporate a lot of healthy leafy vegetables and nuts in your diet, because at the end of the day those are things that matter. Health is indeed wealth! All you need to do is alter your lifestyle a little and you will probably never face that hospital bed again. 


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