Timmothy YacoubA11391749#1 Read The Revised Nutrition Facts Label: A Step forward and room for improvement and answer the following questions:Identify the new amendments to the Nutrition Facts LabelRevise the list of nutrients that are necessary Remove the line “trans fat” from labelDisplay Daily values built on relevant nutritional guidelinesRemove “calories from fat” Addition of  “added sugar” which prompts others and manufacturers to cut down sugarModify serving size and labeling requirements for specific items  Include phrases “per serving” and “per package” for servings of oneModify the serving sizes based on overall general consumptionImprove layout of label for better understanding Summarize the rationale for the reasons for the creation of the Nutrition Facts LabelHighlight proper nutrition and inform on the danger of diseasesOffers dietary information in a simple layoutEducate and assist customers when buying food or drinks Critical in educating consumers Describe the criticisms of the new labelRemoval of sugary drinks may be replaced with those sweetened with artificial sweeteners The Daily Values are built on inaccurate information”Added sugar” phrase does not have enough scientific evidenceThe RDA for specific nutrients need to be revised#2 Read “Alcohol Marketing and Underage Drinking: Time to Get Real” by Sargent (2015) and answer the following questions:1. Describe the marketing practices used by the Alcohol industry.Associate alcoholic items with current media, television, and musicStrategically market by taking into account factors like theme, selective and current media, and length of advertisementBrand popular items like clothesAdvertising campaigns in both conventional media and social mediaTarget young drinkers to have customers devoted to specific brandExposure to brands by delivering numerous commercials in between relevant tv watching 2. What systematic changes does the author recommend? Production of scientific journals with knowledge of the type of compensation Produce scientific journals that study the alcohol industry Advertise journals more effectively Include specific keywords in journals that stress topics like marketing Alcohol research meetings should make more of an effort of promoting to include more legal information of the industry The Research Society on Alcoholism could improve by fusing findings with activism Funding agencies should use their research money to study drinking effects in the corporate world and government duties Government funding should further encourage studies on the risks of drinking advertisements and the costs associated with itContinue to implement regulation of alcohol corporations


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