Tiernen JosephMs.BielendaEnglish 12-27 January 2018Medieval Castles A fortified military residence that was a symbol of wealth and importance. Castles still amaze people today as their remains are left for us to explore and observe in awe.

Medieval movies seem to always have the final epic battle at the castle. The battles decided by the castle and its ability to hold up and provide those inside with an advantage against those outside, if made properly those inside could survive and live to see another day, if not strong enough they would all die except for the king who almost always has a secret escape hole in the back. The castle is an amazing building, when you think about what a castle was it’s truly a lot to take in. How good a castle was in terms of how it was run and how the actual building looked and functioned represented how well off an area was. If a castle was strong those around the castle were most likely well off and if the castle was weak those in the area were probably struggling. “The earliest castles were often made with timber, which was available in abundance and promised quick and cheap construction. These timber fastnesses most often took the form of the “motte and bailey”” The motte was the main building up on a hill connected to the bailey by a bridge the bailey was a walls off village area that still provided protection from the outside but not as much protection as the building up on the hill above it. Built out of a lot of wood these structures often times found themselves being destroyed rather easily which meant time for an upgrade in the way castles were made.

The next phase would be to use stone, these castles can still be seen today because they were such an upgrade if kept out of battle they could hold up. The next castles were stone keeps which consisted of a square tower in the middle encircled by stone walls. As time went on much with anything advancements were made and ideas were perfected this lead to the building of  Krak des Chevaliers. Krak was a massive building consisting of two main walls the inner wall higher than the outer wall so it provided more sightlines to defend from.

The castle was surrounded by a moat only crossable by a bridge lowered from the inside. The space inside known as the baileys were filled with everything needed to provide a squad of two thousand soldiers with the ability to withstand a five year attack, in the end the krak fell but not by any attack it fell due to trickery by muslims.


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