Thuy Ngan Le NguyenHSC025 #4659,8407 (10:00AM-10:50AM)Chapters 6, 7, 8, & 11January 22, 2018Chapter6 – How Did Constitutional Government Develop in Great Britain?1.

Explainhow the feudal system promoted the idea that government is a contract betweengovernment and the governed.Through the concept of trading or exchanging one thing inorder to receive another thing between the landlords and nobles, Feudal system wasable to build up the idea that the government is a contract between governmentand the governed. In today’s world, it can be seen between the higher officialsand the common people as they share powers with each other in order to governthe whole nation.

For example, both parties must have an agreement first beforeany law can be made and passed down.3. Explainhow the struggles between the monarchy and the nobility led to limitedgovernment in Great Britain.

Monarchy is the kind of government wherein the head of the stateconsists of a monarch and that particular person has the absolute power to dowhatever he/she can. However, as time pass by, there was a time when the noblesand parliament of England couldn’t take it anymore and gradually took more andmore power away from the monarchy. As a result, they were able to force theKing to sign the Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution occurs.Chapter7 – What Experiences Led to the American Revolution?1. Whywas it necessary for the colonists to create their own colonial governments?It is important that the colonists were to create their owncolonial governments in order for them to practice limited forms ofself-government. It was the period in history when the elected rulers are ableto make most of their decisions without having to depend on the imperial powerfor approval.

2. Whatideas of constitutional government did the colonist use in creating theirgovernments?The colonists depend their creation of the government onthe ideas of constitutional government that the purpose of the government is toprotect the people’s natural rights including life, liberty, and property. Forinstance, they rule by considering the safety of their citizens as well ashaving a common goal or objective to follow. Chapter8 – What Basic Ideas about Government Are in the Declaration of Independence?2. Whatare the four parts of the Declaration of Independence?The Declaration of Independence is a formal statementdeclaring the freedom of the United States. Its first section includes theDeclaration of Natural Rights which discusses the ‘natural’ rights people areborn with. Next is the Preamble in which the colonists justify their right torebel.

The third one is the List of Grievances which lists all of the ways inwhich King George III failed to protect the rights of the colonists. Finally,the last is the Resolution of Independence which officially declares that thecolonies are separating from England and becoming an independent country.7. Whatdo the following phrases from the Declaration mean?·        “allmen are created equal”It means that men are born with certainrights and among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, thus,no one is allowed to take those rights from them.·        “consentof the governed”This phrase means that everything that thegovernment does depends on the approval of its people.

In other words, thismeans that the government gets its power from the people themselves.·        “self-evident”This simple phrase refers to somethingthat is already obvious and does not need further explanations. It is somethingthat is already considered true and should not be destroyed.·        “unalienablerights”This term refers to rights that peoplenaturally have or possess since birth. For instance, such rights include Life,Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness as mentioned earlier for all men are createdequal because of these rights.Chapter11 – How Did the Articles of Confederation Organize the First NationalGovernment?2. Whatwere the Articles of Confederation? How did the Articles organize the nationalgovernment to address the fears of the people and of the states?The Articles of Confederation are basically the written documentthat establishes the functions of the national government of the United States.

After being free from the Great Britain, this article then gives little powerto the federal government and more power to the individual states, thus, thepeople were able to attain full independence and exercise their rights to thefullest.   5. Whatwere the weaknesses of the national government under the Articles?Some of the weaknesses of the national government under theArticles include the lack of power given to the Continental Congress which thenstrangle the federal government. It gave the Congress the power to pass lawsbut not to enforce the laws. They also have no power to regulate taxes.

Inshort, there seems to be more weaknesses than strengths that is present in theArticles of Confederation.


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