Throughout the past couple of years technology has become moreand more involved in our lives. It’s now normal for primary school children tohave the most up to date phones and gadgets.

Even though these technologies aremostly used in their social lives they can also be effectively used in alearning environment alongside traditional teaching methods to give childrenthe best possible learning experience. Throughout time the way people learn andthe way people are taught have changed dramatically, in recent years digitaltechnologies have become ever more present in the classroom.  The Scottish education endowment foundationstate “The use of digital technologies to support learning are very varied, buta simple split can be made” Firstly they talk about how technologies can beused as programmes for students. This incorporates technologies that helpstudents with their learning for example using a piece of technology to helpwith a problem solving task with an instant access to knowledge. Secondly theytalk about technologies for teachers to use, that help them teach. Thisincludes things like an interactive white board, projectors and onlinematerials that help expand the method of teaching.

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  These technologies have no doubt aidedteachers and students in their learning in many ways. (Hinrichsen,J. & Coombs, A. (2013)) also believe that digital technologies should beused throughout the curriculum when they state “In curriculum terms, thedevelopment of digital literacy will involve using devices and software butshould also be recognised and made explicit in analytical and discursivepractices; in syllabus content; in assessment design and grading criteria; andin formal course specification documents” It is clear that digital technologieshave no doubt made their way into our learning system for better or worse,however, this essay will discuss and analyse how digital technologies havechanged, and still changing the way people learn.


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