Thomas Haberman11/30/17Peirod 1Mr. Parsloe Animal research Title Deep in the heart of Australia s an animal known for its tail being half of it full body length.

There is not much research of this mammal in the wild but we will be taking a better look at the Australian bearded dragon.Diet These animals are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Young beardies eat about 20% plants 80% bugs. Adults diet are the exact opposite eating 80% plants, and 20% bugs. Bearded dragons will eat about any insect that moves. Some of the main insect that they eat include, crickets, cockroaches, butterworms, superworms, earthworms, silkworms, mealworms, and more. Some of the vegetables they eat are raw bell peppers, raw cabbage, raw yams, cooked lentils, collard greens, celery, pumpkins, peeled cucumber, carrots, and more. Bearded dragons also eat some fruits like apples, figs, blueberries, grapefruits, plums, melon, peaches and ect.

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One of the foods they are deadly to this animal is avocado. This vegie is deadly because of the high amount of oxalic acid which can be fatal to bearded dragon in very high doses. HabitatThe bearded dragon live in the arid woodlands and the desert of central Australia, these woodlands include trees, flowers, bushes and a hard dry ground. They are also found in shrublands and hummock grasslands (with scattered trees). It spend much of it’s time waking in trees and bush this animals is also found basking on rocks when hot, some bearded dragons will burrow underground.

There is not much information why they do this strange behavior but I will talk about it more in the next paragraph.  Behavior You may catch a glimpse of this animal patrolling for insect in a woodland. This animal has a low wide body shape. When walking however it walks with a high gate and can move with fast speed. The scales around the rear of the lower jaw and lower sides of the body appear very spiky but are not they are quite rubbery and only intended to scare any predators.

The tail is half of the animals body. The head has 3 points, nose, ear, ear. This shape and can appear to have a striped pattern along the jaws. The average size of them are about 21in. In late spring (November) Males are much more common than females, I have not been informed about this behavior but I find it interesting, and think it might have to do with breading.

When a prey item is located the mouth opens rapidly allowing the tongue of the dragon to lunge forward. The sticky tongue pulls the food item into the mouth. These it quickly kill and or break up the animal or plant before swallowing the prey.Based on the evidence stated these animal could eat just about any fruit any vegetable and any living insect. They can live in lots of place and have a unique, original body including hundreds of spike. All though this animal may be overlooked as just a lizard.

This long, wide body belongs to the bearded dragon.


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