This Chairman of PRC(People’s Republic of China) was born on December 26, 1893 at Shaoshan, China.

Mao and his two younger brothers and one younger sister had a comfortable childhood because his father, Mao Yiching is one of the wealthiest farmers of the region. Growing up in a rural society of Human(A province in China), his father was strict who was had bruise him and his three sibling. Mao’s mother, Wen Qimei was a Buddhist and attempted many times to cool.                                                    down her husband’s strict beliefs of disciplinarian. (On the picture on the right side is young Mao)                                                                                                              Mao’s education begun the age of eight at Shaoshan Primary School. At his school was teaching systems of Confucianism, and later on admitting that he didn’t like the system. When he was eleven years old, he tried to escape away from the Confucian uprising , (The picture on the top is Mao’s Elementary School)then his father brought him home to complete his education .

After two years of education at Shaoshan Primary School, he graduated. During this Primary education, he developed a writing style and was awarded about social problem in China. (The picture on the top is Mao’s Elementary School)Meanwhile, he was making a living in the rice field with father. This is was when his developed of political mind after reading a short article by Zheng Guanying.

Furthermore boosted his nationalistic spirit by reading books about George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. Mao still do practical tradition of Human education with his hope and dream that he could revolutionize his country, which he did in 1948(The year of the end of the Chinese Civil War).In 1911, Mao moved to Changsha for second education. During this time he was working in ambitious breeding ground for revolutionary activities and Mao became a role. At the same year, the Xinhai Revolution started to overthrow the monarchy and settled to republicanism with a elected president.

During the revolution, Mao was a private soldier in the rebel army led by Sun Yat-sen. Which in the rebellion won the war in Xinhai Revolution.To sum up, the Chairman of the PRC had comfortable childhood with his family because of his father’s wealth and got fair education at Shaoshan Elementary School.

Mao also joined the Xinhai Revolution which was a success in the rebels in China. All this event happened during this childhood.


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