This review is also for my English literature task. The book Everything everything was fantastic! The author is Nicola Yoon. I think it’s a special book. I think the book is non-fiction. It is a romance. It is really strange,but it is realistic. I chose this book, because it looks very interesting. I was curious what would happen to the girl (Madeline). It was one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I think that the title means that you have to do everything in life what you like. You only live once. And the book is called Everything everything so… The biggest part of the book was inside, because the girl did never go outside. And she went with her neighbor (Olly) to Hawaii. Those are also the places which were named in the book. The best part in the book was when the girl went with her neighbor to Hawaii. She was in love with her neighbor. She did things, she had never done before in her life. I don’t want to change anything in the book, because I really love the book. The best chapter was when Madeline and Olly went to the beach, because they were in Hawaii and that was the first time that Madeline went to the beach and the sea. It’s very hard to say who I would like to be in the book. I don’t want to be the girl, because she never went outside. I also don’t want to be the mother of the girl, because she made a big mistake. I don’t know who I like to be, I am sorry. I also don’t know which character I would choose to a friend. I definitely learned something. You only live once. The girl in the book is eighteen years old. But she had never been outside. That is because she thought she was sick, but she was not sick at all. In the eighteen years she lived she could have done so many things. But she thought that she was sick. You have to do things what makes you happy in life. Of course, I would recommend this book to a friend. It was an amazing book. I love the story and I think my friends will like this book too! Thank you all for reading this!


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