This assignment
will be an individual report, of a search of literature on the topic of
personal care .As the topic personal care is to broad I am concentrating on
oral hygiene in elderly people admitted in hospital.

I selected this
topic as my placement area had a few patient who were struggling and needed
support with their personal care needs. I found this topic very interesting and
I wanted to increase knowledge and improve my understanding on this topic, as
it will benefit me a lot in placement and my nursing career.

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Firstly this
report will show why the research is important to the nursing profession and
any other health profession. Then I will identify search strategies I used as
well as key words, dates and eliminations. Also this report will define the
tools I used, such as databases and indexes and why I indicated them. In addition
the report will embrace my findings on articles that were suitable to my topic
and why I retrieved these articles and an articles I excluded and the why.

The Department of
Health (2010) stated that oral hygiene has a priority in maintaining good
standards of patient care.  Oral care is
vital for overall health and well-being, particularly to preform function such
as eating, a hygienic and healthy mouth assists with quality of life,
communication with clear speech and it contributes in health and wellbeing
(Health and Social Care Information Centre 2011).

Hill at.el (2013)
in a survey discovered that standards of oral health/hygiene get worse with
age. This survey is vital as hospitalised patient from age 75 and upwards has
grown by two third within ten years and it continues to grow. This advocates
that elderly patients may be admitted to hospital with an existing poor
standards of oral hygiene.
(Health and Social Care Information Centre 2011). As
a result of this National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE, 2017) released a draft stating that,
all patients who admitted in hospital/care home should have their mouth needs
assessed. Meanwhile support to be given to maintain oral hygiene daily, and a
placeholder statement for supporting daily mouth hygiene for hospitalised
individuals (NICE, 2017).

The importance of maintaining
good oral hygiene has been well documented (Hollins, 2013, Poisson et al, 2014
and NICE 2016). Nursing workforce need to get involved to maintain good oral
hygiene as it is fundamental for people in hospital and it contributes to
health and wellbeing, and it is linked to negative effect on nutritional, the
need for better food choices for patients and also patients nourishing needs, (Poisson et al, 2014). Oral hygiene /health is an
essential part of overall health affecting generally quality of life (Hollins,
2013), and poor oral health has an impact on an individual’s ability to eat
speak and socialise normally (Rabbo et al, 2012).

Patients should be
encouraged and supported to be independent and maintain their own oral hygiene.
According to DH (2010) maintaining patient’s oral hygiene /care for those
patients who are unable to do this themselves it is essential nursing duty and
is considered as fundamental aspect of health care. According to Clarke (2009) oral
hygiene have a fundamental impact on individual’s health and wellbeing and in
this context is often unrecognised by nurses, therefore the quality of persons
care is likely to be effected (Carter, 2009)

Therefore,  it is important that nurses and social care
professionals keep up to date with their knowledge and skills in relation to
oral health assessment and daily mouth hygiene (NICE,2016); to support patients
with brushing their teeth twice daily with correct  / prescribed mouth care products and to have
a choice of tooth brush (PHE,2014 :NICE,2016).


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