This scenario reminds of first day of classes as this happen to me a lot. I am introvert and shy,I do not open up and share information about myself to everyone.

It takes me awhile to feel comfortable and trust others. The question, ” Tell me something about yourself?” makes me uncomfortable as I do not know what to share. I do not want to come off as rude or cold to others.

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I just stick to the basic my name, where and what I am studying. I do not think I handle the situation well in the scenario.  I just replied with the most basic answer and did not reveal much about myself. I could not start or engage in a long conversation with educator as I did not feel comfortable sharing information about myself. I felt all the attention was on me which made me uncomfortable.

The strengths I showed were that I answered the question and acted professionally. I did not say anything that could be interrupted as being rude. I was trying to leave a good impression on the educator.  I was being a good listener and following instructions. I answered the question to the best of my abilities. I was able to overcome my nervousness and introduced myself to others.  The areas I need to improve on are my self-esteem and confidence.

I should not feel uncomfortable sharing basic information about myself with others. I should be more at ease when meeting new people as I do not want to make them uncomfortable or feel uncomfortable myself. As a result of this course, I would in a situation like this be more confident.

I would introduce myself with more positive image I want to viewed by others as confident and secure. I want to share information about myself that people can relate to and initiative a longer conversation. I want people to feel comfortable talking to me and vice versa.Connections to Theory Effective communication in this scenario is possible when both characters effectively communicate with each other.

According to Wood and Schweitzer (2017), Transactional model of communication is most effective as relationship between people change overtime. They tend to become more informal and the meaning behind the message  becomes dependent on shared systems (12). As people become familiar with each other they become communicators as they send and receive messages. In the scenario the educator and I were exchanging information about yourselves.

It was important to watch our and each others expressions when communication so the message did not get misinterpreted. For instance, in the scenario I was trying to make a good impression. When I was answering a question I had to be mindful of my tone, expressions and gestures so I do offend or come off rude to my educator. Engaging in a dual perspective can be important when meeting someone new. Dual perspective requires one to to understand and take other’s point of view into consideration on an issue  (Wood & Schweitzer, 2017, p.

29).  Meeting someone new can be intimidating or scary for both persons involved.  In the scenario when I met the my educator in our conversation she did not share many personal details about herself. She shared basic and general information. From which I could tell she was not as comfortable in talking about herself just like me as we had just met. Our conversation was short and simple and did not make each other to uncomfortable. Moving forward I would like to work on my personal growth.

Self-disclosure is essential in learning about myself by sharing personal information and getting others feedback (Wood & Schweitzer, 2017, p.60). It can help me a different perspective about myself which can help me improve and become a better version of myself. By sharing my talents, hobbies or interests the educator could have helped me better adjust to the centre. For instance, she could have introduce me to families with similar interests so I could feel more comfortable engaging in conversation with them. In the end, this scenario experience helped me understand the importance of communication.

Communication is essential in developing a positive relationship with others and yourself.


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