This study is designed to analyze the factors involved that affect the academic performance among FSR students. Student-athletes have unique pressures to perform academically and athletically, and often these pressures can be aggregated from a variety of sources both internally and externally (Ting, 2009). A lack of motivation in various factors could affect the academic performance which will make their achievement decrease and not be able to achieve success.

A lack of value is placed on them as a student, due to faculty having lower expectations for student athlete’s academic performance (Simmons, 2000; Ting, 2009). There are many factors that contribute to the academic performance of students directly or indirectly, in this study, personal, social, economic and environmental are the main factors that contribute most to the UiTM Shah Alam students specifically FSR Degree students that consist of 545 students. The findings may also contribute to the reducing the throughput of the failure rates for every student in the University. (Baharin, S.H., Othman, R., Aizan, N.

, Isa, A., 2015). The significant of study is an academic domain, a body of knowledge.The study focuses on the academic performance among FSR Degree students. Every semester the students received their results of the examination. This study represents the factors involved such as personal, economic, social and environmental factors that affect the academic performance among the students. This research has a limitation which is lack of honesty among respondents in answering the questionnaire. Moreover, the researcher also cannot predict the individual’s emotional behavior.

 It will affect the result of the findings. The weather also cannot predict when distributing and collecting the questionnaires from the respondents. Academic performance according to the Cambridge University Reporter is defined in terms of examination performance, cited by Jayanthi, S.

V., Balakrishnan, S., Ching, A. L. S., A. Latiff, N.

A., Nasirudeen, A. M. A. (2014). The results of CGPA can be assessed at the end of the semester. Educational institutes are where a person learn and trying to apply the learning experience into a certain situation and through understanding, they will be able to become a successful person.

According to Otunuku and Brown (2007), personal factors refers to an individual’s belief in how well he or she can successfully perform behaviors in given situations cited by Baharin, S.H., Othman, R., Aizan, N.

, Isa, A. (2015). It involves self-esteem and the confidence of inner self to perform a certain task.

The economic factor is about the household income, earner’s education and occupation as stated by Okioga, C. K. (2013). The social factor is related to the interaction of the students with the people around them such as teacher or lecturer, parents, family and also friends.

Environmental factor consists of the university and home features, learning styles and the pressure from people surrounding. The independent variable of this study is the factors involved which are social, economic, personal and environmental factors, while the dependent variable is the academic performance among FSR Degree students. Operationally in this study is to measure four dimensions that consist of three dimensions with 50 items. 


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