This 611-paged book written by the well-acclaimedauthor of thriller fiction, Dan Brown, has brought Robert Langdon, theprotagonist of his series books into another dimension of conspiracy theoriesusing 14th century classics from Florence, Italy. Inferno by DanBrown is the fourth novel of the Robert Langdon series.

The hero’s exploit tohindering the plans of genetic-genius, Bertrand Zobrist, to terminate humanityis packed into its 104 chapters.                 Dan Brown’s Inferno opened witha quotation by Dante Alighieri, “The darkest places in hell are reserved forthose who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” The storyrevolved to the peculiar adventures of Robert Langdon searching for theunknown. He achieved to combine art history and symbols with a modern mystery thatonly the hero can unwind. The story flows with the help of the relics left by poetDante Alighieri. Langdon deciphers codes that reveal the location of a hiddenplague that European billionaire Bertrand Zobrist designed to slaughter thepopulation of the world by leaving people sterile.

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                What makes me thirst more to thenovel is the erect of Zobrist’s idea that humanity is a disease that slowlykills Earth, the idea of his that a plague that will cause humans to be unableto reproduce is the only way to ease the aftermath of our world.  In here, all the astounding plots started. Italso brings out the idea that there are tons of ways on how to save the planetstocked in the smallest region of our minds.                This novel will surely satisfyany listeners who want to feed their hunger in historical materials and to theliteratures that moved the world before. The story also makes the pleasure to wonderthrough the ruins and walls in Italy intense. I highly recommend this book tothose with obsession of mystery and thrilling twists and to those that are notbecause this novel will turn you into one.



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