This Project relation view the automation, ashas held place in the TA formationin the new former, which has helped the formation in rising the productivityand evidence of the textile invent.

The academy figure hint different textilemethod and the automation that has held in this procedure. The paper alsohighlights various benefits that have been achieved through automation in thetextile industry. The affluent of an EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP) network is not only contingent on the merchant.

Theemploy of an ERP can implement hugeadvantage for organizations; if the execution procedure is completely organize.Thus, the affluent ERP use unlockthe entrance to many advantages and eventually resulting in customersatisfaction. The TA industry is oneof the extensive contributors to the GrossDomestic Product (GDP) in the Bangladesh economy. Thus, the properclassification between the ERP andthe establishment who have acquire the solution in the TA industries are viral. The comprehensive purpose of this project isto find contemporary use of ERP, ERP adopted organizations and itscurrent usage, and the issues related with ERPusage in the Bangladeshi TA industryand to assess some ERP systemsextend in organizations with the use of a frame evaluation standard. This is aneffort to provide a broad knowledge to the one recently arrive who are to go into the TA industry. Organizations inthe Bangladeshi TA sector with themenlarge ERP solutions are of ahigher grade or quality than the ordinary as the sample for the data whip-round.This project is of great value to the new ERPadopters as well as for the establishment who are currently using thesystem.

   ERP systems are widely being used in the textileindustry for managing the inventory, orders, production, logistics, sales andmarketing and financials. Many ERPsolutions as well as customized ERPsolutions are available for textile industry. ERP solution helps in finishing the operational processes and establishsynergies between various resources of the textile industries. Automatedsystems are also being developed for the effective communication between theproduction floor and other supervisory control systems.


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